Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

This inspirational weekend quote reminds me to measure myself in different ways then I've been taught to. In my life I've spent a lot of time trying to learn this lesson. Haven't you? Acceptance is a very difficult measurement to learn. And then we tend to struggle with just being still...

Numbers and statistics do not define me as I define me!

I want to be measured by what kind of wife, daughter, sister and friend I am. Measured by my positive energy and outlook on life. Does it matter what the scale says about me or what age I got married?

Not to me!

My inner thoughts should outshine how I look on the outside. And I believe that beautiful on the inside equals beauty on the outside.

Sometimes I struggle with taking care of myself by eating the right things and getting exercise. That's because there is high blood pressure and cancer in my family. I've learned the lesson that I need to take care of myself for the people that I love as well as feeling well day to day. This inspirational weekend quote touched my heart and encourages me to try and be still. How did this quote touch you?


Char said...

if only everyone realized this. i know women put a lot of pressure on themselves...but we do it more because of the pressure that society puts on us.

Divaa Divine said...

this is what i always say :)

thanks for echoing my thoughts beautifully into words

Rose said...

what's important is that we establish ourselves as how to be the best person that Jesus would want us to be . this is alot of soul searching within ourselves. Rose