Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

Not sure how much of an inspirational weekend quote this will be, but sometimes I feel like saying this out loud when I see an amazing outfit. "Your clothes...give them to me now!" And this usually happens when I walk down Union Street in San Francisco or along the boardwalk on Third Street Promenade in Los Angeles.

Someone will walk past me and I am inspired by their clothing creation. Plus I love their confidant swagger when a woman or man knows they look good. So if I can't ask them to give me their clothes, I can at least use the fashion inspiration the next time I open my closet.

Don't they say that imitation is the best form of flattery!

It took me until my middle twenties to grow into my own skin and find my own sophistication, but my clothing choices change when I travel. The universal fashion inspiration that I've learned is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Tell me if you agree or disagree with this inspirational weekend quote sweetie?

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Rose said...

there is usually a time when i would like to have someones outfit. this is saying without saying flattery. I recognize I do dress differently from one sitution to another. I think that's ok.