Thursday, July 8, 2010

Newlywed first test drive

Imagine the newly married couple has just survived their wedding. They are looking at each other happy and continue to glance down at their left hands to see wedding rings. So what’s the one thing I’d advise them not to do after traveling 17 hours from San Francisco to Rome on their honeymoon? Uh rent a car and drive in a country they've never been to.

Could this be the first bumpy road in their new marriage?

OK so I’m being a little dramatic, but this was actually our honeymoon plan that we survived. A couple of weeks ago, we arrived in Rome and drove from the airport to a little town in Tuscany called Montalcino.

As Honey and I headed onto the Italian open road, our Fiat rental car was stuffed with suitcases, Italian translation books and maps. When we got lost, what saved us over and over was Honey’s iPhone. Thank g-d for Google maps! In fact I imagined myself writing this post to you while I fought through my jet lag and played front seat navigator to his driving. I would fall asleep, wake up, give him the next directions and then crash again.

Our true newlywed test came when we decided to drive from Montalcino to Florence for the day. Driving to Florence in the morning was amazing because we got to watch the sunrise over the Tuscan countryside. The pictures we took didn’t seem to do it justice. All the trouble started when we drove back from Florence to Montalcino leaving at 11 at night. I promise it took us 4 hours, three maps, iPhone apps and some breathing exercises to get us back to our Tuscan bed and breakfast.

After a long day of sightseeing in Florence we were lost, like really LOST. Our maps weren’t helping and we only had 16% left on the iPhone battery. If it wasn’t for the iPhone, I think we’d still be on an Italian highway driving in circles.

When it was all over it was our calm heads that got us through the newlywed driving. Well it wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world if we had to sell all of our things and move to Italy, now would it? What was one of your first newlywed tests sweetie?


Dollface said...

you guys are adorable!!! xxxooo

Rose said...

sorry about the driving issue. can't think of anything about my honeymoon. have a great day

BLOGitse said...

Oh poor guys! But it might be nice to live in Italy, under the Tuscan sun! :)
We are still like newly married couple - still in love...we've been together 20 years!


Laura said...

Dollface: No you are sweetie!

Laura said...

Rose: I still love that you commented Rose. You too!