Friday, July 23, 2010

Coffee talk: Why do I blog?

Time for some coffee's been one of those weeks where my life twisted and turned. And sweetie I'd love for you to send some positive vibes over my way. It took me a couple of days to realize that sitting down and writing can help. But when did this blog turn into a security blanket for me? Under the Sheets~shhh is there in times of good and ready to catch me if I fall.

Why do I blog?

I've been asked this question many times when I proudly talk about my little blog. At what point did I feel the need to share all of my thoughts with the world? My blanket includes every comment that I get, every picture I take and every thought for a post.

When times are busy I love to ask you to guest post and when times are slow I have somewhere to turn to be creative and free.

It seems when I 'm on a road something happens and I have to change my way. I seem to always land on my feet and can see later on see why the road has changed by a move or change of job. What advice would you give someone to keep their chin held up high ?

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Rose said...

if i feel overloaded, then i need to sit down and i start to make my to do list what has to be done now .as i complete something, add if needed another item this gives me a sense of control. and accomplishment. i also feel that talking things out is important this way you might get a view to help yourself. your blog and asking for ideas s is good. allow yourself to change a plan when attempting something. reward yourself a smal thing ex go to a movie , go to Dairy Queen Always ask for gods help. best wishes