Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dance, like no one is watching

Can you tell me where I can find a corporate desk job for ballerinas? I recently figured out the exact moment when I knew I would be a creative adult. The moment was when I got to freestyle in my ballet classes.

From the ages of five to fifteen, I studied and danced ballet. In class, we were taught about discipline, strength and position. My ballet teachers were usually very warm, but strict, so they could teach us the love for dance.

Each year I would train for months for one ballet recital and the always intimidating judge’s panel. To be able to move to the next prestigious level, I needed to perform in front of these judges, a list of ballet positions in the proper form, with grace.

All of the ballerinas (aka bun heads) would support one another through this stressful process. I actually looked forward to the panel, especially the freestyle portion at the end of the test. Others were afraid and, in fact, some planned their freestyle ahead of time, but not me!

Looking back, I must have looked like the actress in Flashdance, in front of all those judges. Except I was ten, and outfitted in a leotard, tutu and a bun. When it was time for me to freestyle, I smiled at the judges and waited patiently for the piano player to play a piece of music that I had never heard before. I closed my eyes, felt the music and danced all around the room like a free little bird.

Over the next few weeks, as I waited to receive my marks from the judges, of all the portions performed, I would wonder mostly about their thoughts of my freestyle dance. When I received my ballet certificate moving me to the next ballet grade, I looked first for the judge’s comments (just as I get excited to read your comments). I wondered if they liked it. Was I creative enough? Were they smiling, holding back their laughter? Or, did they see a promising pupil?

And this was the exact ballet moment that I knew I would need creativity throughout my life. What are some of the ways that you show your creativity?


Children of the Nineties said...

We used to do that in ballet class, too! Thinking back, I'm sure I looked beyond silly, but I remember loving it at the time.

As for creativity...my job involves test running a lot of art projects, which most people probably don't do at their offices. And of course, sneaking to work on my blog.

Dollface said...

Ive been writing a novel for the past few years... I also make sure to do the NYT crossword everyday and other mind games to keep me fresh... I wish i could dance, go you! xxoo

ALFIE said...

it's a well known fact that i can usually always be found singing and dancing at work. as a nurse, it might seem like I wouldn't have the oppurtunity to--but I get creative. sometimes I get the patients involved. we had the anesthesia team singing into IV poles at one point. i love being creative this way. letting loose and helping others do the same.

or i write. and scratch through words. and erase. and write more.

~K said...

Well besides the obvious singing at the top of my lungs when I drive I have many creative outlets. I write poetry, only I am very slow at it. Poetry does not flow out of me it BURSTS out of me. When I have a poem I can visualize it from the beginning to the end and I must record it at that moment or lose it. Its funny but I see music and colors in my mind when I see that poetry.I also play trumpet for musical organizations around town including the Valley Chorale Society. I also march in a Drum Corps in which I play Mellophone and that is a combination of music and movement.

Mom Squad Blog said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment! We started following you--I love what you write!



Miss Anne said...

Great post!

I used to be a figure skater, and loved all the prep, discipline and excitement that went into competitions/performances!

As for my daily creative outlets... honestly i try to be creative in everything I do.. whether it be the way i think about a problem, the way i do my make up, what i wear, how i choose to word something, or heck even in those precious moments that i get to sit down and actually create something! :)

great post today sweet pea!

now go enter in my giveaway!


Char said...

photography for sure but sometimes through writing

...love Maegan said...

awe, this is sweet ...I was a ballerina too! ...and my mom called be bun head ...lol

Laura said...

Children of the Ninetie: Your work sounds wonderful and I am so glad you have an outlet for all of your wonderful creaitivity.

Dollface: A novel how amazing. I have been thinking about writing one as well. The crossword puzzle for sure keeps your brain moving. Thanx for your comment sweetie!

Laura said...

ALFIE: I love your comment. And I will think about your the nest time I am at the doctors =)

~K: Poetry and music how wonderful. You make this world a better place!

Mom Squad Blog: Thank you muchly and I love what you write as well. I am so glad you are one of my new followers.

MaryRC said...

what a great comparison, and story. i took ballet in a small town from a crazy woman, i never learned to love it. but i can shake my booty like nobody's business. thanks for dropping by my blog, ill have a go here.

Desert Rat said...

So at age 15 you just stopped?

You just made me think how do I and I just now realized I show my creativity through my work; I'm a very resourceful solution finder and I've realized lately not a lot of people can do that but I make it an art form. ;-) (of course as long as I'm not the one who needs the solution)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely post.
Beautiful blog too!