Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hostess with the mostess 4th of July

Happy July 4th sweetie! If you're out of ideas to be the hostess with the mostess please use some of these pictures for inspiration. At this years holiday party, it's time to have more than hot dogs and corn. And why not look fabulous while hosting away? Red, white and blue baby!

We usually spend our 4th of July on our apartment roof which overlooks San Francisco's bay and financial district. How much do you want to put this apron on and start entertaining?

I love this picture of red, white and blue retro desserts. All you need is some flowers and fruit. Please hold as I go and steal a strawberry...

Outfits are key to making it look like hosting is a breeze. Check out these great red, white and blue shoe options.

I saw this creative 4th of July hostess with the mostess real parties post on this lovely blog.

I promise to wear this outfit today while frolicking on the beach. Won't you join me?

Oh and this vintage suitcase has my name written all over it. I would keep it safe in my room and fill it with blankets and sweaters. What a lovely piece!

Happy 4th of July to you and to yours and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. What are your plans for this weekend? And are a fireworks or sparkler gal?


Debbie said...

We didn't do anything grand for Independence Day. How was your weekend?

Emily said...

Havent stopped by here for a while and I must admit I've missed it My 4th was in London and not much happened:) I slepped most of the day which was celebration enough! Great hostess tips x LZ

Laura said...

Debbie: We had a good weekend of watching the fireworks on the bay/pier 39 and relaxed and got caught up. How was your weekend after all?

Laura said...

Emily: Well I've missed you too sweetie and welcome back. Yes catching up on sleep is a must. Back to the grind, but loved my three day weekend. Off to read what I've missed with your blog :)