Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

This inspirational weekend quote by C.S. Lewis reminds me of my childhood. I can remember when I used to feel like I walked around with my head in the clouds. I was filled by dance moves, songs, colors and words. I would also love to escape into a good book that would transform me into another world.

As a child you can feel like you are apart of two worlds and books like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe would help me enter a rich fantasy land. I wondered what would happen if I found a secret door into another world in my very own closet.

And yes some of these thoughts would keep me up nights.

And yet, feeling apart of another world only help me dream bigger and one day allow me to move to San Francisco away from my life, for the new adventure.

However I still see people I first meet as characters... and now because of this lovely blog in posts.

I'm not sure if I was made for another world, but I do know that sometimes I dream and write in color! And if you see a child dancing in the middle of a store without music, let them be free. If free isn't an option then use this inspirational quote and take them directly to the bookstore. Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My favorite comments from you lovely followers...

I love looking back at posts on Under the Sheets~shhh to see what your comments. You, my lovely readers are what keeps me a typing away. So here are some the top commented posts over the past couple of months with my favorite comments.

Fashion rain retro chic
Raindrops keep falling on my head...but that doesn't mean I can't stay fashionable in the rain and retro chic. Sure my hair is wavy, my socks are wet and my umbrella has turned inside out, but at least I'm still smiling. Well lovelies, the rain has been falling over San Francisco for the past 12 days. And yes I am itching for some lovely sun, but it could always be worse...

Fav comment was:
karey m. said...
loving your space here...have been craving CRAVING good writing a pretty pics all at once.
this will do nicely! xoxo.

What’s on your bucket list?
So it looks like...I want to see the world, own my own property, be comfortable without debt and someday milk a cow...

1) Write a book
2) Be on my favorite soap opera (General Hospital)
3) Say a speech at a strangers wedding
4) Have two children
5) Dance ballet again
6) Learn to like tomatoes and eat spicy food
7) Watch an entire day from sun up to sun down

Fav comment was:
Party Box Design said...
fabulous bucket list!
gosh, I have thought about mine also... my list would be crazy long.
a few items..
- actually be a size 8!
- travel the world
- be on martha stewart
Not one but two wedding ceremonies

Over the last years, I have thought a lot about what our wedding could be like. I also understood that we come from two different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. So Honey and I decided that a combined wedding would be a wonderful way to bring everyone together...

Fav comment was:
Snappy Di said...
Relax....keep it as simple and yet as lovely as possible. Make it reflect who the two of you are and nothing more. Breathe!
The Blue Ridge Gal

Should men wear purses?
Do you think men should wear purses? Last week, I saw the best segment on the Today Show about men wearing purses or sometimes fondly called a 'murse'. I remember the first time one of my favorite guy friends whipped out his designer man clutch before we went out to dinner. He seriously did! And to top it all off his murse went with his laid back outfit...

Fav comment was:
JMW said...Messenger bags and backpacks are still masculine looking, but I can't see any of the guys I know (okay, maybe a couple) using a murse.

Ah that was fun, thank you lovelies for leaving these wonderful comments and I hope you enjoyed some of these repeat posts. I'm looking for some new and fun topics. Do you have any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are work friends real?

It’s your first day at a new job and you have the usual first day jitters. You’re not sure where to put your lunch, where to sit and then you look up to see a new co-worker smiling back at you. It's your first work friend. These work smiles make my work environment something to look forward to. Yes, work is called work for a reason. I know we're hired for our abilities not because we can play well with others. And yet it’s the one co-worker who can’t share their toys with others that seem to make work life a more difficult experience.

When we are in grade school, we bond with the other students in our class so this seems natural in our adult work settings. Once you've learned to give and take, work friendships start developing.

Which reminds me of a great work memory... (Click here to check out some of my fav day at the office pics).

A couple of years ago I was working in a very fast paced, politically savvy and difficult advertising agency. And yet what made me happy was the friendship I created with my adjoining cube mate. My days were a lot happier with her sitting there. And when things got tough with the group I was working with, she was there to help cushion the blow. Within months, our work relationship turned friendly with dinners and chats. And about a year and a half later I stood up for her in her wedding.

But how did this work friendship develop from a work reference to a life long friend? It’s amazing to me how some work friends become casual followers on LinkedIn and you can never have a conversation with them again. Isn't this the way that social media works?

We feel connected without seeing the person again.

What is it about a work environment that makes you feel so closed off? Is it because we sit behind computers and email each other more then we talk? I bumped into a woman in the restroom today and asked how she was even though she sits across from me!

Some of my past co-workers I think of and smile. Some have gotten married, had babies and moved on to other jobs. Work friends exist because we are in the trenches together, but do you think that these friendships can last throughout time? Do you think work friends are real friends?

Monday, February 22, 2010

What will be my something blue?

Do you know where the tradition of something borrowed and something blue on your wedding day came from? Does every bride try and continue this tradition? And so I've been wondering what my something blue could be. Can it be a handkerchief that I hold or a blue balloon nearby by or can I get away with just having blue eyes?

I love this idea of having blue initials on the bottom of my shoe. It can be my own little secret. Shhh don't tell...
*Photo taken my Marie Lambbancz

These flowers are stunning and very unusual. Carrying a bouquet of these at a wedding would be lovely. Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are?

How cute are these boy shorts? Only you would know that these are under your gown. Plus you can find them at one of my favorite stores in San Francisco jest jewels.

Blue ice cream cones would look wonderful with a bride, especially if she has red lips and doesn't drip anything on her dress. Ah I'm such a slob this can't be me!

I've always enjoyed when brides break away from the norm and wear blue or leopard shoes on their day. Remember in Father of the Bride when she wore tennis shoes?

*Photo taken by Sentries of fashion
So I've finally decided that my something blue can just be this wonderful vintage polka dot dress. Would you laugh if you saw me walk down the aisle in this little frock? Oh come on, of course you would. Tell me sweetie, what was your something blue on your wedding day?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

Oh the lovely Marilyn Monroe, always makes me smile when I think of her. I felt a connection when I read this wonderful inspirational weekend quote.

There was always a strength and vulnerability about Marilyn. And I think this quote means, even though she was one of the most desirable women in the world she too had insecurities.

Remind yourself today that you have everything to proud of. You've worked so hard to become the person you now are. And when those pesky little voices creep in to tell you otherwise remember this inspirational quote.

Or maybe we just need to believe in ourselves and trust our instincts more.

So what the devil do you have to be proud of sweetie? I have everything and then

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you believe in beach chic?

This week, we had a warm spell in San Francisco. The weather is so confused as the last 2 weeks we've been covered in rain. In fact, today I left my scarves at home as I watched the fog roll away and sun peer through. Which made me want to go to the beach like I used to when I lived in L.A. Ah beach chic is a wonderful way of dressing for the sun. Cover ups, hats, sunglasses and necklaces have become apart of the trends. So remove your winter coat and come along for a beach day...

These are fabulous beachy colors that would look amazing packing a picnic lunch, swimming or laying out. Pale color is a great way to go unless you want to play matchy with your swimsuit.
OPI Spring/Summer 2009 South Beach Collection

I always pose like this when I'm in the water on a photo shoot? Don't you?

This bag is not for the quiet or meek. Just throw on some sunglasses, a hat and you are all set to go for beach chic trends.
Hot pink Ralph Lauren Blue Label bag

If I was staying in Florida this would be the chic kind of place I'd like to stay. It's clean lines and pleasing colors would encourage me to open the windows to hear the ocean.

What happens when your dressed in your beach fashion and want to take a dip in the water? Do you take it all off or dip your feet in the water? Maybe beach chic is just for pictures then. H&M bracelets

Who snapped this picture of me without getting my permission? So today if you are covered in snow and cold, I hope these chic beach trends warmed you up a little. It will all be over soon. I promise sweetie! Now, I just can't seem to keep the sand out of my beach bag. What's your favorite part of dressing beach chic?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My favorite blogging advice

Writing positive words can be very difficult in the blogging world. Blog burnout, harsh comments and negativity can make it easier to vent then to find the good in things. Last October, I went to the SITScation conference and heard some wonderful blogging advice. Can't wait to read yours....

"Every time you sit down to write or put your ideas out there in a post, remember that one day your grandchildren could be reading it."

This advice reminded me to think of the impact that I have. And I have the choice to be either negative or positive.

One day when I’m 80 and my children or grandchildren want to learn more about what their grandmother was like they'll just Google my name. What will they find and read about me? So I need to produce words that I don't mind them seeing. It's easy to press publish on a post without thinking about who it can affect. Keep this blogging advice in mind and it will become easier to be more positive in your posts. (Click here to order your own wedding time capsule.)

When I was in the fifth grade I remember our class putting together a time capsule. We filled it with pictures, stories of us and our hopes for the future. We buried it in the backyard of our school. We believed if someone from the future dug up our time capsule our existence would be everlasting.

But isn’t a Blog, or Twitter today’s current time capsule? These social media tools help stamp us into time. I just have to remember to choose this as I draft my post thoughts and tweets.

And to Molly and Billy, my future grandchildren, you found my blog and I hope you appreciate this advice. Please be kind to your parents and yes Grandma was young and had a lot of fun in San Francisco! See you just found the proof! Back to you lovelies, what is your favorite blogging advice you give to other newbies?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Red boutique retro design

What is it about the color red that I adore? I always get a rich and warm feeling when I see it in design. I pulled together some lovely red boutique retro design shots for you to enjoy after Valentine's Day. Who said we had to stop celebrating once the holiday is over...

Actress Scarlett Johansson in the Fall-Winter 2007 . 2008 Louis Vuitton campaign

Scarlett Johansson is stunning with that old Hollywood feel. It looks like she doesn't have a care in the world even though her robe is about to fly open.

Photo Credit:
Red & Pink Tuleh, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta dresses.

I love the flow and uniqueness of the contrast of the red and pink. Plus all three of these designers used wonderful material that seem to cascade off the body.

This boutique styled hotel is one of my favs. The beautiful aqua blue accented with the red headboards screams individuality. But do you think you would get a headache if you stayed in the room too long?

I so want to be this woman in her pale pink dress holding a red umbrella. Can someone arrange this for me please?

Red vintage Leuven ourse picture courtesy of Cycle Chic.

While traveling, I always stop and stare at unique doors. What a wonderful accent to a home. Red and blue doors talk to me. Trust me, if our home is all white one day then I promise my front door will be red!

That was fun and I enjoyed our red boutique design pictures. Every day I seem to be coming up with new ideas for my future boutique. I hope you had a wonderful weekend lovelies. Get up to anything fun for Valentine's Day?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inspirational love Weekend Quote

How can one inspirational weekend quote speak to so many? How can we stay open to Jimi Hendrix's words? And just before Valentine's Day, I love this reminder about the power of love.

I wish we could all find peace through the understanding of love.

So how should we spread Jimi's message? Maybe we can send this message and spread it around the blog world.
Check out these other Jimi quotes on Wikipedia.
What an amazing visionary!

Wouldn't this world be a better place if we understood the power of love? Think of this inspirational weekend quote tomorrow as you enjoy the love holiday. Tell me, do you agree or disagree with Jimi and me?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All you need is retro love...

"All you need is love, all you need is love, all you need is love, love, love is all you need." Ah yes love, care, warmth and support can change a person. Honestly for the past 13 years Valentine's Day has always been difficult because I lost someone February 12th. So I've learned to enjoy this holiday and tell everyone I love them. And it helps that I keep singing, "All you need is love..." OK now your turn...all you need is...

I enjoy these Valentine's cards as the message is so simple, but my favorites are the ones I used to get in school that were handmade. I even enjoyed the hand written note that said I like you. Do you like me? Check the box yes or maybe if you have to think about it, but please stay away from the no box.

Conversation hearts scream Valentine's Day. The newest saying is Tweet Me!

Love can feel like you're on a roller coaster. The trick is you should feel like your on the ride together and not alone.

I so NEED some of these retro Godiva hearts. Why does chocolate make the world go round? Because it makes you stop for a second and enjoy life.

How awesome is this underwear clothes line message?

Stolen moments are the best...

This picture is just amazing to me. It shows how you can mix retro love with boutique design. Imagine if there were yellow flowers to the right of the bicycle as well. And so my lovelies, I wish you a lovely Valentine's weekend. And remember no matter who you spend it, let them be positive, caring and warm. All you need is retro love...