Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's get physical with this '80's workout

Why does '80's fashion still make me smile? Sure I was also a victim to the big hair, roller skating days, but the workout 'let's get physical' has to take the cake. Looking back at the '80's and seeing my hair don'ts make me question the fashion decade coming back. Well at least I can still wear my Madonna bow?

Keep Fit Be Happy with Bonnie Prudden

Oh Olivia Newton-John...I've missed you. Your hair and those leggings just made my day. Why did we wear so many colors and spandex throughout those years? Yes, I can still think of many women who are still rocking out the spandex today!

Her headband and wristband makes this outfit, but who am I kidding who's looking at her wrists? How does she stand so still without smiling. Maybe John Travolta is nearby!

Legwarmers are still the rage in dance studios today. When I was dancing ballet I found legwarmers to be very hot, but made me feel like a dancer. Or was it my ballet leotard and bun?

These shorts are just too classic for words....let me know what you think of them.

Let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical.....with these pink glasses. I think I just found the outfit I want to wear to work tomorrow. Do you think its a little too much sweetie? I'm pretty sure I could get away with wearing it in San Francisco. So what do you truly miss from the '80's?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blissful bridal shower weekend

What kind of weekend did you have? Was it peaceful and restful, filled with errands and running around or did something touch you deep inside forever? My weekend was a combo of all three. I was touched by many people and reminded that life is short and wonderful all at the same time. No wonder I feel tired today...

Sometimes I wish my mornings could start off like this. Just lounging in bathrobes while someone else makes breakfast. And yet I love to feel the dance of cooking. I feel useful and proud of what I create in the kitchen.

And my bridal shower was yesterday and it was lovely. Women, men and children (even my goddaughter who calls me her Fairy godmother) all came together to celebrate in the moment of Honey and I getting married. The flowers, boutique cake and thoughtful gifts just made me smile.

I loved how my best friend, who'd also a fourth grade teacher, created the bridal games. I looked up to see my future mother in law and cousin trying to guess my favorite actor or shoe size. Plus some of my loved ones got competitive. It was a lot of fun! (For shower ideas try here

The stars must have aligned as we all bonded and got to know one another.

It didn't matter what background, city you were raised, thoughts about cultures blending were. All that mattered was love, warmth and care.

And so my lovely readers, with only 8 weeks to go to our wedding I'm getting very excited to see all the people we love in one room. So this is what they mean when they described unconditional love. How was your weekend sweetie?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

This inspirational weekend quote is a great wake up call. Just stop dreaming about what might happen and live in the now. What if we took a couple of minutes today and wrote down everything positive that is happening our lives. Not about what you want or hope for the future, but thankful for the now.

Stop Dreaming. Start Living.

Start living is something I only started to do in my my later twenties.

I discovered the now and learned about myself. I walked around San Francisco in search of beauty, culture, art, acceptance and peace. I stopped asking the what if's and took each day as it came. Sure, I had to remind myself to do this, but this inspirational weekend quote was never too far away. Today I'm in Los Angeles visiting my friends and family because tomorrow is my bridal shower and I promise to stay in the moment. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Calling all love stories to guest post

I'm so excited to ask you this...I'm looking for your love stories to post on Under the Sheets~shhh. Over the past year and a half I've been able to share with you our love story. And now I can't wait to hear about yours.

Your posts can be about your first kiss, first date, first meeting of the parents, first holiday or how you knew it was real love. Really anything that tells the tale of couplehood.

Every Wednesday leading up until the middle of June (our wedding time) I'd like to showcase your love posts. So whatcha think are you in?

Oh I hope so...

So all you have to do is comment below and tell me some of your ideas and I'll be in touch. Thank you for guest posting on Under the Sheets~shhh and this is going to be fun sweetie.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ah Spring must be in the air!

Can you feel Spring in the Air? Was there an extra spring in your step this weekend? Oh I hope so sweetie. Last Friday in San Francisco, our weather welcomed in Spring. I left my jacket at home and dare I say out loud, changed my boots to ballet shoes. It was lovely and warmer and all I wanted to do was walk through the city with my Honey.

This picture captures the pure feeling of Spring. Just like when you take your shoes off and run through the grass. I feel completely free!

Spring welcomes in many weddings to San Francisco. This beautiful wedding took place at Grace Cathedral which is on top of Nob Hill and surrounded by a park and hotels.

If you haven't been to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park it's enchanting. I loved seeing the butterfly exhibit!

It must be Spring if this family is wearing light jackets and hanging off the cable car! I just heard the faint sound of the cable car right now!

Spring fever equals spring cleaning. She looks like she's having so much fun with all her pink. Now I feel the bug to clean. Watch out! Ah Spring must be in air! Which season do you love the most and how much do you love cherry blossoms?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

I feel my own strength in this inspirational weekend quote. And there have been many times I've felt this test in my life. Times when I've been faced with a decision and felt defeated and had nothing left to give.

That's when my strength kicks in and I am reminded to never give up.

Our strength is always there. Sometimes it's on the surface and sometimes we have to dig down deep to bring it back up.

It never leaves us and helps us on every path.

After I've come through the struggle, I'll wonder where the strength came from? Maybe I should accept that it never really goes away. "Being strong is the only choice you have..." How does this inspirational weekend quote speak to you sweetie? Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Timeless style

Style has a way of being timeless and the people that wear it make it classic. I love how these fashion pictorials capture how simplicity and fashion can go hand in hand. Plus there's something about a man that can wear a tailored suit.

I imagine that the couple in the car are wearing just black and white clothes to match this romantic picture. Their timeless style can be immediately changed to retro if she's wearing red shoes!

These fabulous Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses are so timeless and chic. Don't you agree?

This Ann Wintour inspired picture shows that we can also pretend like we are the editor-in-chief running Vogue magazine.

Now I feel inspired to create my own timeless style. Which picture is your favorite sweetie and don't forget to tell me how it inspires you...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Face It: Growing old gracefully

Watching the Today Show is one of my every day morning rituals. I was getting ready for work, sitting in front of my makeup mirror while putting on mascara, when I saw the segment about the book Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change. I put down my mascara wand and was glued to the T.V. Two former models wrote this book about what beauty means to women of all ages. They discussed their thoughts on how society doesn't teach us about beauty with growing older. How do we grow older gracefully if we never discuss this?

Growing older as a woman is a much needed topic. I believe that acceptance of where you are in life is key.

And then one of the authors talked about her modeling days. She was only fifteen when she started to feel like she was aging. She was on a photo shoot with another model who was only two years older then her. After the pictures were taken another model came over to give some advice. Something about how she only had a few good years left and enjoy it while it lasted.

The model was aging at the ripe age of fifteen!

I also identify with these two quotes from their book. It's almost as if the authors are speaking directly to me.

"Take back that power and you will feel more beautiful. Our culture has given beauty power over women. We are told who and what is beautiful. We know that youth is beautiful. Most people see babies as beautiful. But grandmothers can be beautiful as well. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are those who smile, engage and appear happy at any age. If you take back the power of what makes you feel attractive, you will become more attractive to yourself and others."


"Put your beauty in your identity, not your identity in your beauty. Your identity is made up of many aspects of yourself"

We don't often hear that our identity is made up of many different aspects and until we grow older. It's then that we realize we had a lot tied up in our looks.

Change our definition of beauty?

I finished watching the Today Show and felt torn. I wondered if I should continue to put my mascara on after being re-taught this lesson or stop what I was doing. I decided to continue because I know how I feel about beauty and what I want to teach others. Can I get a hall pass since I sat down and wrote this post about Face It! What are some of your thoughts about growing older gracefully?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My special organized chaos

Do you ever look around your home and wonder what the definition of organized chaos is? Ah yes the, I put my keys down somewhere and they can be in one of four places. You see, I'm at the other end of the spectrum because my things seem to always have an exact place. In fact I can tell you right now where my ten-year-old birthday gift is. Scary huh? Isn't that my own kind of organized chaos?

If your having trouble getting organized with small spaces try getting this fab book Sorted! It has tons of colorful ideas especially if you hate organization. Bite your tongue sweetie!

I love how these rooms have a simplicity of chaos. They still have a homey feel without it feeling messy.

I'm sure this models closet at home doesn't look like this, but isn't this closet every woman's fantasy?

Have you ever been to The Container Store? I heard the angels singing in my head as I roamed the aisles filled with boxes, hangers, sock boxes, hampers and toiletry bags. Oh a girl can dream can't she? This really is a sickness!

I feel like this room is a little too contained. Wait is there such a thing?

And this is what a bedside table usually turns into, but what happens if company comes over? Well, who doesn't shove everything into a drawer!

Why do I suddenly feel the need to go and clean up a little? Did you enjoy my organized chaos examples and were you nodding your head while looking at the pictures? I can't wait to read your comments about if keeping a neat house is important to you. Enjoy your day sweetie!