Monday, July 19, 2010

Editorial falling in love

Happy Monday all! I spent my weekend on a quick trip to L.A. Are you a good car traveler? I am OK if I'm driving, but I get really bored in the passenger seat without the right music. But its so much cheaper to take the car down from San Francisco to L.A. Road trips always make me reminisce to the first time Honey and I traveled together so I wanted to share with you these feelings in editorial falling in love pictures.

Capturing love in a photo must be difficult, but look at how the emotion is caught? What title of the picture would you give this one? How about, "Hold on Tight because you'll miss him when he's gone!"

This picture would be perfect for 'the name that picture contest'. Do you think she's happy in love or broken hearted?

That's right baby! All you need is love is one of the best Beatles songs ever.

Incredible Los Angeles based photographer Amelia Strauss captures editorial love perfectly.

Did you like the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck? It was one of my father's favorites...

This is a stunning autumn falling in love picture. That I think would feel totally different in color.

Rachel McAdams Vogue shoot is strong, bold, retro and that dress is killer. I wonder if she's staring at her new beau across the room. Ah editorial love... sometimes soft or strong, but always creative. I hope you had a good weekend sweetie! Which picture do you love the you can choose mine.


Party Box Design said...

now I have "all you need is love" stuck in my head! lol

MrJeffery said...

interesting inspirations.

Laura said...

Party Box Design: Me too sweetie and "shake it on baby". Love, luv the

Laura said...

MrJeffery: Thanx sweetie...interesting in a good way? :)

Rose said...

such different types of cast of characters