Thursday, July 30, 2009

Should I walk down the wedding aisle like this?

I love this! I'm moving my feet just watching them. Plus this can set such a great tone for the entire ceremony. Would you boogie down the aisle? Do you think I should at my friends wedding on Thursday?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wishful Wednesday: Keeping a clean house

On this wishful Wednesday, I feel inspired by the book I've been reading about DIRT and the obsession of cleaning house. Honestly, my world is always kept clean and organized. In fact, I feel out of control when I see my bed is unmade. More on my quirks and habits tomorrow. Enjoy these cleaning retro pictures. I've missed you Mr. Clean!

I always do my laundry in my fuzzy slippers. Don't you?

Can I still get 50 cents from you for emptying the dishwasher?

She looks so happy. Do you think its because of the vacuum or because of her blue walls?

Love this picture and it made me laugh aloud. Comment below and tell me what kind of house you keep?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How did the Brady Bunch all get through customs?

Phew… Late last night I made it safely back to San Francisco. I’m pretty sure that over the past 2 weeks, I’ve traveled on all forms of transportation and today feel completely knackered (exhausted). I felt like I was in the movie Planes Trains and Automobiles. (BTW one of the best movies. Have you seen it?) So forgive me as I rest a little today and write to you something small about my travels.

Our story begins last Sunday as we were passing through customs from Toronto to Buffalo…

My family and I flew on JetBlue to the Buffalo airport and then took a bus to Toronto and tried to do the reverse this weekend, but were caught in the horrible East Coast storms. Even though I was born and raised in Toronto, this was my first time not flying directly in. If you haven’t known the joy of entering another country via bus, then let me explain some of what you’ve been missing.

There was five of us traveling together; my father, stepmother, little brother P, little sister D and moi. We had five pieces of luggage and carry-on between us. As soon as we sat down on the bus and got situated, it was time to get off of the bus pick up our luggage and go through customs.

Even though we’re a blended family, we look a lot alike. My stepmother and I have been mistaken for sisters, as there’s ten years between us.

Could this be confusing to a customs official? It sure could.

We handed him our passports and I noticed that he was looking at me and then to my stepmother with a curious look. Finally my father said pointing to us, “This is my wife and this is my daughter. “ The customs official stared at me again and then I placed my hand on H’s shoulder and repeated, “This is my stepmother not my mother.”

“Oh,” the customs official stated with a smile on his face. “I understand now. I was trying to figure out how she had you, when she was only ten years old!”

We all laughed. What travel or border stories do you have? Am I the only one that these things happen to?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Guest blogger: Fifi's big adventure

Fifi is back today to guest post for us as I am on a plane on my way home. Thank you Fifi for your walk down memory lane in my fab city. We'll see about getting me on that french sofa at the Clift Hotel...
Hello again Under the Sheets-Shhh readers... Fifi's back for another guest post... this time I will be taking you back to one of my past lives that involves the FABULOUS city by the bay San Francisco... in this adventure I stayed at the Clift Hotel...

In 1913, Frederick C. Clift, an attorney from a large family in the Sierra foothills, commissioned the 300-room hotel on a lot the family had inherited. The hotel was to open in time for the Pan Pacific Exposition. The architect, a former student of the Ecole de Beaux Arts, was George Applegarth of McDonald and Applegarth. Advertised as the first hotel in San Francisco to be fire and earthquake proof, Clift has held up to its expectations. With its 1924 addition of 3 floors, it became the largest hotel in the state... (Information via Wikipedia... photos via Google search for Clift Hotel San Francisco)

Clift was purchased from the Four Seasons group in 1996 by Morgans Hotel Group...and renovations have continued to evolve throughout the years... I will show you the latest remodel... I have not seen these... I stayed in the hotel in 1993 while working as a Fashion Designer Rep... The original lobby... again I did not see this lobby either... this was before my time...
The current lobby... quite a bit different... decorated with some rather LARGER furniture... hard to tell in this photo...but you can tell with this photo...I'm sorry I don't have a photo of someone on these lovely French sofa... but I wish I was there to lie on it to demonstrate... maybe we can send Laura to the hotel to snap a photo sitting on it in the future... hmmmm...
The famous Art Deco Redwood room in the beginning...with a new Redwood room refurbished... Now I really wish I had photographs from when I stayed at the Clift Hotel... however when you are working you don't think about snapping photos... and I sooo wish I had so I could show you the fashions of the 90s that I represented. I can tell you about one designer that you all may know about... her name is Vivienne Tam... however at the time I was a rep for her she designed under the name Vivienne Tam for East Wind Code... sooooo... here is her Summer Collection 2009...

and here are some of my old fashion sketches...

I hope you ENJOYED my past life adventure... and transformation of the Clift Hotel... thank you to Laura for having moi!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guest blogger Char: San Francisco memories and photographers

Today's guest blogger is Char from Ramblins... wrote a lovely guest post about her experiences with San Francisco and SF photographers. Can I get a drum roll for Char's post please...
Hey you all, I’m guest hosting for Laura today. She asked me to write about San Francisco. The thing is, I love the town – I do, but I’ve only gotten to visit one time (boy was that an experience). My funniest (now memory) of the city was sitting in my big old Ford Tarsus at a stop sign, which happened to be at the very top of a large hill and I couldn’t see over the end of the nose of the car. I can remember mentally crossing myself and taking the dive down the hill, of course wondering if I could stop at the next stop sign at the bottom of the hill.

You see, I used to travel with my job – and when I got the opportunity to get near San Francisco (well, the Oakland area) my friend Bud ‘mapped’ a trip for me. He had me drive from my appointment over to Napa to have lunch at the Rutherford Grill (sooooooooooo yummy), drive to Muir Woods (who knew you had to hike to see redwoods???), then I planned to drive to the Golden Gate to see it. I didn’t want to go into the city since it was rush hour. Silly me – I really thought there would be a turnaround before you crossed the bridge.

So, after the harrowing experience of driving across the bridge and being dumped into rush hour – I found the way to the Bay Bridge and inched my way back to the Oakland Airport area. Whew.

Ironically, a couple years later – I made really good friends with two fabulous photographers from the San Francisco area and could have had a guided tour. Laura has been interviewed by Tangobaby for her blog, I live here: SF (a must read for all people loving SF) and you must read Tangobaby’s adventurous blog too.

But, you can’t go without checking out another fabulous photographer – Stacey Debono. You can check out her work on Flickr (a can’t miss). This woman has taught me so much about photography (plus she's the sweetest soul ever). Mad love for her work. Her son, Nick, is also a fabulous photographer (it must run in the family).

So, this is the little southern girl’s adventures in San Francisco, as limited as they were. And you can have a generous laugh on me .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guest giveaway: In CC’s Suitcase

Hi lovely readers, I'm having a wonderful time away. Thank you CC for this lovely post and I wish I'd packed these swimsuits and the white J Brand jeans for my trip. Enjoy...
Couture Carrie here, darlings! While Laura’s away on her vacation, CC is pondering what to pack for her beach getaway in August. Here are the essentials:

First, the bathing suits! Several bikinis and a maillot or two are essential. CC is definitely bringing this Zelda Sweetwater suit. Perfect for lounging on the deck in retro fabulous style!
Two-pieces are CC’s go-to for sunbathing. This Victoria’s Secret sailboat bandeau top and boyshort bottom are certainly making their way into the Dooney & Bourke luggage!

And CC may just have to take this vintage-inspired polka-dot Popina Swimwear suit as well!

Of course, CC will need some shorts. J. Crew has been the go-to this summer for this warm-weather essential. CC is loving this rugby stripe shorts. The tailoring is impeccable and the pattern is fun and surprisingly flattering! In this photo, I CC has paired the shorts with a simply white tank from Old Navy and a gorgeous
Tolani mauve zigzag scarf from

For those chilly summer evening barbecues, consider a cardigan or two, either in lightweight cashmere or a sturdy cotton/linen blend. This J. Crew cardi is embellished with ruffles ~ CC adores!

Some dark skinnies are essential, along with a pair of crisp white jeans. CC will certainly be taking these gorgeous J Brand beauties from Fabulous with a chiffon blouse for an evening on the town. Or pair them with a simple pocket tee for a chic sunset picnic on the beach.

This T by Alexander Wang boat neck dress from is perfection! It can double as both a day dress or cover-up, or, with some chic booties, an evening frock! Furthermore, the cotton is super-soft and comfy. This dress is positively dreamy ~ a very happy summer addition to CC’s wardrobe!

Naturally, a maxi dress is essential. CC is totally smitten with her new Yumi Kim Sari Abstract Rose dress, at Gorgeous print, impeccable fit.

So what will you be stuffing into your Louis Vuitton luggage for that
summer getaway?

P.S. A big thank you to Laura for giving me two guest spots on her fabulous blog during her absence. As always, this has been an enjoyable and fashionable experience!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guest blogger Three Bay B Chicks: Vacation what's that?

(Francesca guest blogs for us today from Three Bay B Chicks, take it away F) As I catch up with family and friends on the phone or in person, the inevitable question arises: “What are you doing this summer? Are you planning to go anywhere with the kids?” My response is always the same. “We’re just sticking close to home this summer. Vacationing with our kids is a ton of fun, but we thought we’d do something different this year and enroll them in a few local activities.”
In other words, I lie.

How we define a vacation has changed drastically for my husband and me since we had kids. The lovely trips from our past, where vacations were spent reclining on a beach with a drink in one hand and a book in another are no more. Instead, these delightful visions have been replaced with the realities of what it means to be adequately prepared and flexible during a trip with two young toddlers.

In my mind, any period of time during which I am supposed to be relaxing should not be proceeded by a flight with a toddler. And for good reason. I am still a bit traumatized by our last visit to the airport with my son.

Last summer, my husband and I decided that it was time to head down to Disneyland with the kids. I was convinced that we should not drive. It would be way too much time in the car for everyone involved, including me. I was determined to create as much of a stress-free environment as possible. My plan was full-proof.

In preparing for our trip, I made lists, I packed and repacked, I even shopped Target for handfuls of toys and surprises, guaranteed to keep my children occupied. Without a doubt, my two would be held up as shining examples for model behavior on an airplane to children everywhere.

In reality, we didn’t even make it past the security gate before we had our first major crisis. Given the airline restrictions, I explained to my son that he was welcome to carry his Mater toy truck through the airport, but that once we came to the gate with the men with the “magic wands,” Mater would need to take a ride through the ex-ray tunnel of mystery. It was going to be a new adventure for Mater. I felt confident that explaining the security procedure to my son would guarantee success.

To say that I was wrong would be putting it mildly. As Mater started to move away from our little group, my son got nervous. “They’re taking Mater! They’re taking Mater!” In a flash, he scrambled on top of the conveyer belt and attempted to retrieve his blue truck from certain death. I didn’t know what to do. Honestly, I had never seen my boy move so fast. I did what any mother would and dove after her son.

What a site! There we were, the two of us in the ex-ray machine, with only our feet dangling out. My boy was sobbing from the near loss of his beloved friend and I was awkwardly trying to remove my sunglasses, my boy, and the top half of my body from the giant tunnel.

As I nervously began to try to regain my composure, I turned to one of the security officers and smiled. “This type of thing must happen to you all the time, huh?”

“No, ma’am” was all the reply that I received.

Once we were finally on the plane and I was able to relax with a magazine for the brief 24 minutes of peace that my shopping at Target had earned me, I read an article that described how choosing travel companions is the most important decision you make before embarking on a trip. The story reminded me that I would be spending almost 24 hours a day, day after day, in close quarters with my group, so it's extremely important that everyone's personalities and interests mesh well.

I couldn’t agree more.

Ah Francesca, thank you for this reminder that parent's really DO have the hardest job in the world! Loved your guest post and now I'm off to read Three Bay B Chicks post today! Comment below about some of your worst travel experiences.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Top ten reasons you know you’ve been in Toronto for too long….

I’m having a great time visiting my family and friends and interviewing some great photographers and stylists for my lovely readers. I have had my fill of ketchup chips, been to a few brunches and have had several people hold the door open for me…. which leads me to want to write the top ten reasons you know you’ve been in Toronto for too long…

(Click here to read the top ten reasons you've lived in Los Angeles for too long...)

10) After getting asked out on a date, you check their facebook ‘friends’ before accepting their dinner invitation.

9) You have three sets of friends; Childhood, work and camp (from when you were 12)

8) Throughout the day, you tune into the weather channel and to keep up-to-date on the five-day forecast. A girl has to know the difference between a snowstorm and just flurries.

7) In your closet you have two sets of clothes, one for the winter and for summer.

6) During the winter, you know which pair of warm boots to wear just by looking at the sky (e.g., goulashes vs. ski boots vs. Uggs etc.).

5) You’ve seen only one fire engine and police car in six months. On the news it looks like there are shootouts on every corner.

4) When asked for directions from a tourist, you use different Bagel Worlds and Tim Horton’s as landmarks.

3) You joined a hockey league eh!

2) Every Sunday you only wear, or go shopping for, lululemon pants.

And the number 1 reason you know you’ve been in Toronto too long is: The smell of a Panzerotto reminds you of your childhood.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Guest Blogger Carrie Couture: East Coast Summer Style

CC says: darlings, whether you’re taking the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard or Fire Island, heading out to Montauk, or just jetting down to the Jersey Shore, you’ll need to outfit yourself in East Coast summer style. Think chic basics with some edgy pieces thrown in for good measure. After all, you might need to make an appearance at a couture-ified Cape Cod clambake or haute Hamptons polo match!East Coasters summer in style; the vibe is preppy with a glam twist. First photo: Brazilian Vogue.

You’ll need a sporty yet pretty tote for the beach. CC loves the traditional L.L. Bean bags (monogrammed, even!), but a fashionable East Coast beach-goer might also try this large J. Crew canvas tote.

Feeling a bit more trendy? Carry your Ban de Soleil, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and Hermés towel in this Stella McCartney cloud-print shopper, available at

If Designer terry is not your thing, never fear: this Land’s End kaleidoscope print beach towel will be perfect for either Sea Bright or Sag Harbor!

At the yacht club, you’ll need two types of suits... a skimpy bikini for sunbathing (CC is quite taken with this Emilio Pucci triangle string bikini, at and a more utilitarian maillot for jaunts to Block Island.

East Coast fashionistas are loving vintage-inspired suits this summer. This Carmen Marc Valvo red retro one-piece is available at

CC also adores this Zelda Sweetwater sky blue Nina suit. Visit to purchase.

Ladies, you’ll also need a fabulous cover-up. CC is smitten with this Missoni Mare lurex caftan, at After all, the Elberon Bathing Club restaurant requires diners to dress for lunch!

For that BBQ in Misquamicut, opt for a breezy Tory Burch dress like this Venice caftan or a colorful, beachy tunic and crisp white jeans.

For cocktails al fresco in Edgartown, you may even try some “evening-ready” shorts, like these
J. Crew wallpaper jacquard shorts that CC just snapped up... perfect with a white LnA tee, a lightweight cashmere sweater or a silk blouse.

Just add some gladiators and you’re all set! These
Elizabeth and James Luella booties can be purchased at

Or go nautical-chic for dinner in Bridgehampton with this incredibly sexy Pleasure Doing Business 5-band skirt, at Pair it with something unexpected, like booties and a sheer chiffon top. Err on the side of
outré... too preppy and you’ll look like a caricature!

Remember, East Coast summer style is about building on classics to create your own unique silhouette. Be adventurous!
Have a fabulously fashionable summer, darlings!
Thank you so much CC for sharing with us this wonderful post about East Coast Summer Style. Want to know thoughts are about West Coast vs. East Coast Chic? Head over to Couture Carrie's blog today to see my guest post. Have wonderful days lovelies! ~ Laura

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Insider: Toronto fashion and photography

When people find out that I'm from Toronto, they tend to ask me what the city is like. I've always explained it like 'A cleaner New York' bustling city. As I'm here for ten days with my family, I wanted to share with you some amazing fashion and photography that is happening in my hometown.

Starting with Babak (above photo) who takes raw and stunning pictures. He has such a great eye and seems to be able to do everything from rock 'n' roll to beauty shots. I plan to interview him while I'm in Toronto and share with you more of his story and pics in a future post.
Check out this Toronto street fashion photography blog. Mens wear never looked so good.

We go to the Toronto Eaton Centre which houses more than 230 stores, restaurants and services. If you are in need of some retail therapy, then this is the place to go. Just remember to wear very comfortable shoes.

If I walk around the Eaton Centre twice, can this be considered my exercise for the day?

La Mimi Style fabulous Toronto fashion stylist and blog (pic above). I love her flirty and fun style. Stay tuned for a post about La Mimi as well.

Past Project Runway Canada contestant and Toronto designer Shernett Swaby is now offering her handbag line. These bags are unique in the shape, fun to carry and owners of these fab bags get stopped all the time about where they got them.

Toronto retro picture by Andrew Fare. Comment below and tell me, are you surprised about the fashionistas coming out of Toronto?