Monday, July 12, 2010

Wishing for favorite summer things

Today I sit here and write to you, longing for summer. That must sound crazy as your probably sitting in a heat wave begging for air conditioning. Well you can borrow some of ours because San Francisco has been cold all week. Cold like I'm asking myself, "Which scarf should I wear today" or "Is this coat too much?" Weatherman says San Francisco will warm up soon as typically September is our summer, but brrrr sweetie! So let's look at some of my favorite summer things and try to encourage the warmth. OK?

Watermelon has to be one of my most fav summer things. I love how it has just a hint of flavor, the green and red color and the crisp cool feeling in my mouth after I've taken a bite.

Spinning has to be one of my most wonderful things...letting go during the heat and spinning.

My prescription sunglasses save me during the summer because I have the worst eyesight. I was in second grade when I got my first pair of E.T. reading glasses. Think that's funny then imagine when I upgraded my next pair to mother of pearl!

Ice cream sandwiches seem to make everything in my life OK. When I bite into the yummy goodness, I forget about how hot it is outside and how sticky my dress feels against my back.

Summer sandals free my feet and help cool me down. I swear I'd like to sleep in the pair I just bought in Italy. The Italian leather, the unique shape and design...oh my.

During the summer one of my favorite things is to walk barefoot in the grass and watch the warm sunlight through the trees. Today in San Francisco all I can do is pull my boots up and try to see through the fog. Kidding lovelies... well not really. I can't wait to hear about your most favorite things to do during this summer...


Dollface said...

love all of those things!!! watermelon in the summer is soo good :) xxxoo

Valerie said...

Those ice cream sandwiches look amazing! Happy Summer!


Laura said...

Dollface: So good babe and I totally agree.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

This list is perfect--I can relate, today I almost turned on the heat at one point. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

xo Mary Jo

The Socialite said...

ooh, those are some great picks! Craving some ice cream right about now. :)

Rose said...

it's the ice cream. any flavor