Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enter: The name that picture contest!

I believe that a picture can say a thousand words so here's your chance to enter and win The name that picture contest. All you have to do is comment below with the title of the very last picture and then link back to Under the Sheets-shhh in a post or on Twitter this week.

The winner's blog will be spotlighted under the smarties banner on the left hand side of my blog. OK so put your thinking caps on. Your title can be funny, cheeky, silly, sarcastic, clever or raunchy. To start you off here are some of my titles!

OK, OK maybe next time they'll buy me a Mac.

So this is what they meant about the birds and then bees!

A fishing rod would have been much simpler!

My wife would have really liked this day as well!

I wonder why women run when they meet my blow up girlfriend?

Oh crap, which cupcake did I hide the ring under?

Now it's your turn to title this picture in your comments below and link back this week. Go on I'm waiting... and will hold my breath and count to a thousand as you write your winning title. Good luck lovelies!


The Good Cook said...

I look better in person.

Namine said...

Help me pay for a haircut

~K said...

Friend request accepted

Deeps!! said...

this isn't me, I swear!

Laura said...

These are all great blogging friends. It's gonna be tough to choose...

olehere said...

"My girlfriend calls me "Polaroid" - I thought it was cute until I heard her tell her mother why.

Linda S. Socha said...

Picture me there
is my title
Love the idea Laura

Moya said...

Up close and personal