Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top ten reasons you’ve been in San Francisco for too long…

Living in San Francisco for six years could really change a person. I thought I would last in the city for six months, but have felt the cleaner air, cooler temperatures and laid back lifestyle change me.

I’ve gotten use to conversations about hiking, yoga positions and Silicon Valley. And even when I leave San Francisco to travel, I miss the beauty. Here are the top ten reasons you know you’ve been in San Francisco too long…(Click here to read the top ten Toronto reasons.)

10) You’ve tried to be a vegetarian, a vegan, consumer of only free-range/ sustainably raised meats and organic fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market. Wait, which one am I today?

9) You haven’t owned a car in years, forget what its like to put things in a trunk and have a perfect driving record.

8) Due to the hills and a knee injury, you have stopped wearing high heels.

7) You own so many umbrellas and scarves, that they are spread around your house and work. You’ve even left one on the cable car.

6) Protests don’t even faze you, and neither does the Gay Pride Parade. After seeing the parade
you think, “Oh are they naked again this year?”

5) While at a restaurant, you ask to take the leftover’s home, but find yourself giving them to the homeless.

4) You’ve worn black LuLulemon pants to a job interview. Sure yoga wear can be dress-up too!

3) During a dinner party, debate begins about the best iPhone applications.

2) You can’t sleep at night without the sound of the cable car bells.

Drum roll please...And the number one reason you know you’ve lived in San Francisco for too
long is: Your not surprised when it goes from 80 degrees and sunny to 50 degrees and foggy in a matter of minutes.

Or is it that you've worn some flowers in your hair? Speaking of flowers check out the fabulous Nanny Goat in Panties post today. Let me let you in on a little secret, the Bay Area Blogger network lunch that she's talking about was me and us... No worries Nanny Goat about the free lunch. You'll get me next time =)


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

For some reason, I'm beginning to think that this list is not some random HAHAs and stereotypes about San Francisco, but purely based on YOUR personal experience.

Thanks for the link! And I'm getting just a little teensy weensy excited about VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!

Unknown Mami said...

This was a good one.

I would put, you own more reusable grocery bags than handbags.

When someone from out of town asks you if something is within walking distance you say yes and then realize that maybe most people don't think that 2 miles is close.

I might have to steal this idea from you. I'll give you credit and link back of course.

Lily G. said...

haha great list!

Lauren said...

I'm really glad I found your blog. Every time I read it I get more reassured about San Francisco. It's nerve-racking to me to try so hard to get somewhere I've never been and just hope I like it. It worked when I moved to Vegas though, and San Francisco sounds much more my style. :) This was a great post!

Elizabeth Marie said...

HA I would move to SF in a heartbeat! I lol'ed at the yoga pants to an interview!

Hope you had a great week honey! Sorry I've been a bad blogger buddy, been sick! UGH!


Laura said...

Nanny Goats in Panties: Me too Vegas here we all come!

Unknown Mami: Please use this idea sweetie and I'd love the link back.

Laura said...

Thank you Lili G. What list would you create for your city?

Lauren: You are so welcome. SF is a wonderful and welcoming city.

Sheen V said...

And SF's the home to Anchor Brewing and Tcho Chocolates! I just wish I were there too!