Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boutique Vegas Sitscation

Mondays are always difficult! Now imagine what it must feel like to get up on Monday, with rain outside, and just after 2 days in Vegas baby! I really enjoyed Sitscation for the amazing women that I met, the presentations and the discussions on blogging for good. (#blog4good). Not to worry, Honey and I also had a blast playing as well. Who goes to Vegas and finds the classy and boutique spots? This girl!

During the conference, I loved the idea that the bloggers of today are the pioneers of tomorrow. Ten years from now, everyone will be writing and blogging and we can say, "We were there when..." But, what scares me is to think that my grandchildren will google me one day and could see this blog instead of a family album.

The Venetian hotel welcomed us home, but we truly did get lost several times. Damn you Vegas - we kept ending up at the casinos. And every time I asked someone what the time was, they told me 3 am.

These boutique flowers, butterflies and lamp fixtures were all at the Encore hotel. Just stunning!

And you know you're in Vegas when on the menu at a restaurant there's a section that says morning cocktails. Trust me, I thoroughly enjoyed my boutique Las Vegas vacation. Did you win big the last time you were in Vegas?


Linda S. Socha said...

What a wonderful post!!!
I am running through my life. Great to stop by and see this gem this morning

Dollface said...

This looks amazing! i havent been to Vegas since I was 21... oh my gosh... glad you had so mucn fun dolly, xxxoo

Char said...

I've never been. glad you're having a good time

Kris said...

Very cool looking place.

Summer said...

I was there only one night for the party and I am still recovering!!! Madness!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

How is it that we both managed to make it to Vegas yet I didn't have a single moment with you? Ack! Being in town only for one day certainly did not do SITScation justice.

We really should try to get together soon and just hang out. I've missed you! Hope that all is well in your world.


"Julie" said...

the venetian is amazing! When I went last year, I stayed at the Palazzo and never left the compound! SO much amazing shopping and SO little time, I swear they put speed in the air because we NEVER slept!

SITS Girls said...

Morning Cocktails... love it.

I am thrilled you enjoyed yourself, we had such a great time!

Anonymous said...

how awesome it is to think that we are pioneers. i loved that when Alli said that to us.
great post and great pics. it was such a fun weekend wasn't it?
PS LOVE your name! ;)

jeannie said...

Vegas decor is amazing! I miss it, I want to go back!

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhh, you ladies are making me so jealous. I wanted to go uber bad! Vegas is my poison!

DesBisoux said...

breakfast cocktails??? i think Vegas and i are meant to spend at least a weekend together!