Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wishful Wednesday: Vegas!

On this Wishful Wednesday, I wish for a wonderful trip to Vegas this weekend. I hope to meet lot's of lovely blogger ladies that can teach me a thing or two. It would also be wonderful to meet the minds behind the blogs I've been admiring. Do you think anyone would want to meet me?

And then we'll go see the Las Vegas strip from the Bellagio hotel.

Then, I hope to see lot's of brides and grooms getting married. I have so much respect for those couples that run off to Vegas and have Elvis marry them at the Little White Wedding Chapel.

I hope to see more flower displays like this one at the Bellagio hotel.

And we'll have to hit at least one buffet. Have any suggestions on where I should go?

And I also wish to win big this weekend in Vegas. Well, who doesn't? Have a wonderful wishful Wednesday!


DesBisoux said...

i a great trip!

ps. have you decided on your outfits?

Kelly said...

So jealous! Win big and have a blast.

RW @ TrueBeauty said...

Oh I love Vegas! But, not for the gambling...for the food and shopping! Have fun!

Dollface said...

I hope you have an amazing time!!! I know that you will.. and please eat extra for me, xxxxoo

Char said...

:) sounds like an amazing time

Kerrie said...

Have Fun, I will be there as well for one of those bold weddings! Enjoy yourself!

Laura said...

DesBisoux: Thanx honey and I'm still deciding. I'm thinking still me but with a little extra.

Kelly: I'll win big for the both of us.

Laura said...

RW@TrueBeauty: So much food. How many buffets are too many buffets?

Dollface: I promise sweetie!

Connie Weiss said...

We are going to have a great time! See you there!