Monday, October 5, 2009

What makes you feel feminine?

I was recently reading a woman's magazine where they did an interview with Courtney Cox. It was a good interview, but what struck me was how she answered the question, “What makes you feel sexy and feminine?” She answered that she feels feminine when her legs are shaved. On the same topic, I also enjoyed reading this Smitten daily sex & relationship blog article. The author talked about modern day women feeling feminine while still cutting their hair short, wearing running shoes and feeling super casual.

So you must be holding your breath to know what makes me feel feminine...

Well, I first must confess to you that I’ve been a girlie girl my entire life. You're shocked? No I didn't think so. I actually remember my mother teaching me how to paint my nails when I was ten. Fashion and makeup have been apart of my daily routine for a long time. And please don't tell anyone, but I’ll even ‘touch up’ my face before I go to the gym.

So I wanted to make my own feminine Courtney Cox list.

Here goes nothing...I feel feminine when:
10) I wear my hair in a bun and it's off my shoulders
9) I wear dresses and skirts
8) I take bubble baths
7) After I've had a pedicure
6) I'm eating strawberries and chocolate
5) I'm dancing ballet
4) I'm wearing pantyhose. We have a love-hate relationship
3) Wine is ordered for me. Yes, I know I need help.
2) I wear Sephora Rosy Glow lipgloss
1) I get compliments

Let me explain number 1. Trust me, I feel feminine in my own skin, but I also love when it's acknowledged with compliments. My father use to tell me when I was getting ready for school, “Get ready faster Laura, it's not a fashion show. “ Oh yes it is Dadda. So, ladies what makes you feel feminine? And guysplease comment below and tell me what your definition of feminine is?


Lily G. said...

Great list! I definitely feel the most feminine when I wear heels and makeup!

Dollface said...

I love this. I feel feminine when I put on a new pair of Hanky Panky underwear, I feel feminine when I spray my perfume.... xxxooo

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I love this post, girliegirl!!

Jeffrey S. said...

Number 8 and 5 are especially true for me. Great post Laura :)

- Jeff

DesBisoux said...

heels,a great pair of jeans, my perfume.when my skin is really tanned and i feel good enough not to wear any make up.
and the ultimate one is when the guy i love give me that look like he feels he's sooo lucky i've picked

The Good Cook said...

I feel feminine everyday no matter what I'm doing. Gardening, cooking, parenting, holding my husband's hand. All of it. I LOVE being a woman and I think any and every thing a woman does defines womanhood.

Kristin said...

When I have a fresh red pedicure and a pretty dress on I feel most like a girl. : )

~K said...

getting a pedicure..seriouslly i got it done with my daughters once!

Beth P. said...

Definitely feel feminine after a great pedicure! Also when I get my hair done up for a wedding or something.
Great list!

Laura said...

Lily G: Thanx honey and yes me too. It was fun to take a step back and check in.

Dollface: That's my underwear sweetie too =) Too funny.

Janie at Sounding Forth: My secret is officially out!

Laura said...

Jeffrey S: Thanx sweetie and I appreciate your comment.

DesBisoux: Great list sweetie and the guy in your life sounds wonderful btw.

Laura said...

The Good Cook: You sound perfectly comfortable in your own skin sweetie.

Kristin: Someone sounds like another girliegirl =)

Namine said...

Really great list. I hope you don't mind but I created my own list. Definitely picked me up.

DesBisoux said...

well nobody's giving me that look at the moment i'm afraid...