Thursday, October 22, 2009

My favorite teacher

Why do certain teachers stay in your heart, no matter how many years go by? Teachers salaries are usually paid in hope for their student's futures. Also teachers stay in our memories and help shape the people we become. My favorite teacher, Mrs. Katz, taught me when I was ten years old. She seemed to reach into me and pull out my thoughts that were needed to succeed. She also touched all of the other children in my class.

Every day, I looked forward to seeing Mrs. Katz. She was young, stylish and never talked down to us. I would try to sit at the front of the class and reach my hand, high into the sky, to answer her questions. Yes, I was that kind of student. She was my favorite and I looked up to her.

I remember one day, her fifth grade class noticed she was gaining weight.

My classmates and I, had serious huddle talks and debated whether Mrs. Katz was just gaining weight or maybe pregnant. We tried in our ten year old selves, to tactfully hope she was just gaining weight because otherwise we could lose our favorite mentor.

My classmates chose me to ask Mrs. Katz about her sudden weight gain. We were all nervous about her response. Mrs. Katz stood at the front of the class and finished her lesson. I walked over to my teacher and blurted out, “Mrs. Katz are you pregnant?” and to my surprise she said, "Yes." And the entire class clapped for her.

When the dust settled, the class realized we could be losing her. Soon, she would go on maternity leave and we wondered if she would return to our school.

After she had her baby, Mrs. Katz left our school, but brought her baby to meet us. And do you know what I heard her tell her new daughter? That we were her favorite fifth grade class. Thank you Mrs. Katz. Tell me, what was your favorite teachers name?


Dollface said...

My third grade teacher Mrs. Kripke.... she was amazing!!! xxxoo

Char said...

11th grade english - Mrs. Hill

DesBisoux said...

Mademoiselle Agnes. CE1 and CE2.don't know what grade it correspond to.i was 7 and 8 yo. she wasn't stylinshed at all but so loving!

jeannie said...

awww, what a sweet story. My favorite teacher was also my 5th grade teacher. I even got to go to her wedding!

Namine said...

I don't remember her name. But she was my religion teacher in grade 7.

Laura said...

Dollface: I'm sure she was!

Char: Ah fond memories!

DesBisoux: Bonjour Madame Agnes!

Laura said...

jeannie: Thanx sweetie and wow at your teacher's wedding. How lovely is that!

Namine: Let me know if her name comes to you!

Maven said...

Mr Wuckert.

A few years ago I looked him up and sent him a Christmas card and he wrote back! He was retiring and recieved my card on his last day :-)

He was a great teacher and the person who taught me to love poetry.

Nice to meetyou!

bananas. said...

that is such a cute story! i totally remember my favorite teachers (i had more than one). i loved my first grade teacher the best...mrs. martinez. she had a piano in the classroom and would sing songs with us. awwww i miss her.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ms. Walsh. She was so fun...had the longest hair and always gave us those really hot fireball candy thingys? Remember those?

I can guest post whenever you need me love! Let me know, I'd be honored!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Mr. B my choir director was my favorite teacher. I had him all four years and I adored him and so did all my friends. He was almost like a father to me at a time when I really needed that. I can still see his face so clearly.

However, I had to share with you, my English teacher's name was Mrs. Chance. Her nickname when she got pregnant - Fat Chance!

Joanie M said...

Sr. Peter Claver, my 10th and 11th grade Spanish teacher. She told the best stories, and we could always get her to forget to speak Spanish and tell us the stories in English.

~Kenny said...

One helpful mentor was my Principal in Elementary school. He would be my ideal for what an educator should be. When I was having anger issues in elementary school he came to me one day and gave me a softball. My job was to keep it in my desk and throughout the week I would write on it anytime anything angered me. Then on Friday he would pull me out of class and just he and I would go to the gym. I would then pick one item on that ball at a time and I would whip that softball at him as hard as I could while thinking of the thing that made me angry. He would catch that ball each time with his bare hands.By the end of the session his hands were red and I was much calmer. It is amazing that even as I read this how clearly I recall it and how much it helped me in controlling my anger today. I do not have a softball other than a virtual one I keep in my mind.