Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Top ten reasons you know you’ve been in Toronto for too long….

I’m having a great time visiting my family and friends and interviewing some great photographers and stylists for my lovely readers. I have had my fill of ketchup chips, been to a few brunches and have had several people hold the door open for me…. which leads me to want to write the top ten reasons you know you’ve been in Toronto for too long…

(Click here to read the top ten reasons you've lived in Los Angeles for too long...)

10) After getting asked out on a date, you check their facebook ‘friends’ before accepting their dinner invitation.

9) You have three sets of friends; Childhood, work and camp (from when you were 12)

8) Throughout the day, you tune into the weather channel and to keep up-to-date on the five-day forecast. A girl has to know the difference between a snowstorm and just flurries.

7) In your closet you have two sets of clothes, one for the winter and for summer.

6) During the winter, you know which pair of warm boots to wear just by looking at the sky (e.g., goulashes vs. ski boots vs. Uggs etc.).

5) You’ve seen only one fire engine and police car in six months. On the news it looks like there are shootouts on every corner.

4) When asked for directions from a tourist, you use different Bagel Worlds and Tim Horton’s as landmarks.

3) You joined a hockey league eh!

2) Every Sunday you only wear, or go shopping for, lululemon pants.

And the number 1 reason you know you’ve been in Toronto too long is: The smell of a Panzerotto reminds you of your childhood.


Anonymous said...

Love your list.. though I've only been to Toronto once when I was younger. :) I read your LA list though since I've been out here for a few years now and um, so true! My fav was when you're running late and you say you're only twenty min. away.. ya right. That's me all the time here. I'm convinced that I've become a perpetually late person since moving out to LA from the east coast. :)

xo, Becs

Char said...

snow? in July? what a world away from here.

hope you're having fun

Mich said...

heehee awesome list!

i live in Lulu's every minute im not at work! and i totally use Timmie's as landmarks! haha

Dollface said...

how cute! although some apply to non-canadians, haha xxxoo

Halahblue said...

I'm shocked that Ugg boots didn't make it on the LA list. Coming from upstate NY, I was shocked when I saw girls wearing Uggs and mini-skirts in LA in 90 degree weather.

Flores Hayes said...
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birthday girl said...

hah! ketchup chips... that was my toronto experience too (and dill too... yikes). hope you're enjoying your trip dahling!

Lily G. said...

This is a great list, haha

Alianna said...

They totally have Ketchup chips elsewhere... don't they? The only thing I disagree with is the fire trucks; I see them all the time in the city, although that might have something to do with my driving routes. Otherwise: Great list! It's definitely been cold enough the last little while to wear the uggs!