Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

Oh the lovely Marilyn Monroe, always makes me smile when I think of her. I felt a connection when I read this wonderful inspirational weekend quote.

There was always a strength and vulnerability about Marilyn. And I think this quote means, even though she was one of the most desirable women in the world she too had insecurities.

Remind yourself today that you have everything to proud of. You've worked so hard to become the person you now are. And when those pesky little voices creep in to tell you otherwise remember this inspirational quote.

Or maybe we just need to believe in ourselves and trust our instincts more.

So what the devil do you have to be proud of sweetie? I have everything and then


Brandi said...

I have always been impressed by Marilyn. I agree with you -- her strength and vulnerability seemed so effortless. Believing in ourselves is key and sometimes it's easy to forget to do that. As for what I'm proud of, I think I have everything too. Am I perfect? No. But I work hard, try to make other people feel good, and I love my life.

Party Box Design said...

awesome! loooove all your inspirational posts!

Laura said...

Brandi: You are wonderful Brandi and I love this comment. Believing is key...thanx sweetie.

Laura said...

Party Box Design: Thanx lovely...have a great weekend!

BLOGitse said...

Why didn't you write these words about one week ago when I was really down and not at all satisfied with myself.

When you're IN that deep insecurity and feel stupid and's not a good feeling.
But when you get out of there it's like a new, fresh start!
Our thinking, mind, is playing cruel game with us sometimes...

Today life is good!

Have a great day!