Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

This inspirational weekend quote by C.S. Lewis reminds me of my childhood. I can remember when I used to feel like I walked around with my head in the clouds. I was filled by dance moves, songs, colors and words. I would also love to escape into a good book that would transform me into another world.

As a child you can feel like you are apart of two worlds and books like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe would help me enter a rich fantasy land. I wondered what would happen if I found a secret door into another world in my very own closet.

And yes some of these thoughts would keep me up nights.

And yet, feeling apart of another world only help me dream bigger and one day allow me to move to San Francisco away from my life, for the new adventure.

However I still see people I first meet as characters... and now because of this lovely blog in posts.

I'm not sure if I was made for another world, but I do know that sometimes I dream and write in color! And if you see a child dancing in the middle of a store without music, let them be free. If free isn't an option then use this inspirational quote and take them directly to the bookstore. Have a lovely weekend sweetie!


Anonymous said...

I love this quote. C.S. Lewis is amazing, and I've been wanting to get one of his books for a long time. This quote makes me think of the book I'm trying to write. The story has a lot to do with childhood days. It also reminds me of the book I'm reading, Dogwood by Chris Fabry. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! :D

Leah said...

I love that quote... and yes, it's great to dream of another world. Sometimes when I'm just too tired, I sit back, relax and dream away.

Happy weekend Laura! xoxo

FatScribe said...

spot-on, laura. great man, and a great quote. nothing brings out the anglophile in me like a good lewis quote. thanks, and a great weekend to you as well. - Jg.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I kind of feel like that today.

Laura said...

Lauren; Tell me more about this wonderful book sweetie. Congrats and you can do it!

Laura said...

Leah: Happy weekend too sweetie. It's wonderful that we dream, isn't it?

Laura said...

FatScribe: So glad you agree and this quote really touched me as well! Off to read your newest post :)