Thursday, February 25, 2010

My favorite comments from you lovely followers...

I love looking back at posts on Under the Sheets~shhh to see what your comments. You, my lovely readers are what keeps me a typing away. So here are some the top commented posts over the past couple of months with my favorite comments.

Fashion rain retro chic
Raindrops keep falling on my head...but that doesn't mean I can't stay fashionable in the rain and retro chic. Sure my hair is wavy, my socks are wet and my umbrella has turned inside out, but at least I'm still smiling. Well lovelies, the rain has been falling over San Francisco for the past 12 days. And yes I am itching for some lovely sun, but it could always be worse...

Fav comment was:
karey m. said...
loving your space here...have been craving CRAVING good writing a pretty pics all at once.
this will do nicely! xoxo.

What’s on your bucket list?
So it looks like...I want to see the world, own my own property, be comfortable without debt and someday milk a cow...

1) Write a book
2) Be on my favorite soap opera (General Hospital)
3) Say a speech at a strangers wedding
4) Have two children
5) Dance ballet again
6) Learn to like tomatoes and eat spicy food
7) Watch an entire day from sun up to sun down

Fav comment was:
Party Box Design said...
fabulous bucket list!
gosh, I have thought about mine also... my list would be crazy long.
a few items..
- actually be a size 8!
- travel the world
- be on martha stewart
Not one but two wedding ceremonies

Over the last years, I have thought a lot about what our wedding could be like. I also understood that we come from two different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. So Honey and I decided that a combined wedding would be a wonderful way to bring everyone together...

Fav comment was:
Snappy Di said...
Relax....keep it as simple and yet as lovely as possible. Make it reflect who the two of you are and nothing more. Breathe!
The Blue Ridge Gal

Should men wear purses?
Do you think men should wear purses? Last week, I saw the best segment on the Today Show about men wearing purses or sometimes fondly called a 'murse'. I remember the first time one of my favorite guy friends whipped out his designer man clutch before we went out to dinner. He seriously did! And to top it all off his murse went with his laid back outfit...

Fav comment was:
JMW said...Messenger bags and backpacks are still masculine looking, but I can't see any of the guys I know (okay, maybe a couple) using a murse.

Ah that was fun, thank you lovelies for leaving these wonderful comments and I hope you enjoyed some of these repeat posts. I'm looking for some new and fun topics. Do you have any suggestions?


Leah said...

Such a cool idea for a post... very ingenious.

Have a great day! xoxo

Dollface said...

sooo sweet to dedicate the post to your users comments! xxxooo

Laura said...

Leah : Thanx Leah and I'm so glad you like this one. You too!

Laura said...

Dollface : Ah no you are! :) xoxo

karey m. said...

this is a GREAT idea for a post! there's a commenter on my site called krista...seriously a poet with comments.

you should invite her here. your blog will never be the same!


JMW said...

Oh, thanks for including me among your favorite posts! I'm so honored! And thanks for writing about such fun topics - I always enjoy reading your blog.

Jess said...

ohhhh i spy ME!!! LOL

krista said...

karey just made me blush wide open!
i can't wait to dig in and get some of your san francisco-ness rubbed onto my la skin.
i've got a bit of northern california embedded in my ribcage, all tied together with sachets and flowers. i sure do miss that bridge.

Debbie said...

I am altogether opposed to murses. Except as funny blog fodder!

Laura said...

karey m.: So glad that I could make you smile today and I just went over to Krista's lovely blog and sent her a message! Thanx sweetie!