Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our love story: The proposal part II

We walked around the base of Coit Tower and looked out at the view. And then Honey suggested we take the elevator to the top of the Tower to see the entire city. The elevator was packed with tourists and they had picked a wonderful, warm and clear day to see San Francisco. What they weren’t expecting (and neither was I) was they were about to see a proposal as well.

The elevator took us to the top and we started to walk around to see the 360 degree view of San Francisco. We went over to each concrete window of Coit and as new scenery would appear, Honey would tell me about our memories there together. We looked over at the Golden Gate Bridge and he reminded me of the times we’ve been on the bridge together. We looked at the financial district and he told me about the day we first met. Then we saw the Ferry building and Honey talked about how we've gone to the Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings. he then pointed out the Hyatt which is where we spent our first New Years together.

At this point I had tears in my eyes… a lot of them.

Honey talked about our present life together and said some wonderful things about his hopes for our future like how he can't wait for us to be a family and grow old together.

I was very touched and looked away through a window to the beautiful scenery of the Bay. *(I took the beside Coit window photo on the engagement day.)

He then said, “The only place that we don’t have a good memory of is at Coit Tower.” I turned around to ask him what he see Honey down on one knee and holding a small jewelry box.

'Would you do the honor of being my wife and marrying me?"

It was a wonderful and romantic question that I was happy and shocked to hear.

I’ve been told that I didn’t say yes, but stood there. I threw my arms around Honey and hugged him tight and he had to remind me to look at the ring and put it on. He also had to gently remind me that I hadn't answered his question.

This is so like me lovelies...I forgot to say yes. I told him over and over, "Yes, yes, I will marry you."

Tourists were watching us and gently asked if they could take some pictures of our moment. I’m so thankful that they did.

Later on that night we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant and some friends came over with some champagne and dessert to celebrate. And you know what...Honey was right... this was a wonderful Bloggable engagement story and I will always think of San Francisco and smile.


Meagan@Megs7827 said...

So sweet!

Brandi said...

I just threw everything else I was doing down to finish reading your story. And I got teary eyed as I did. So beautifully sweet and memorable. It's just amazing.

Laura said...

Meagan@Megs7827: Thanx honey glad you enjoyed it!

Laura said...

Brandi: Ah thanx just made my day as well!

Party Box Design said...

awwww this post brought tears to my eyes!

such a lovely story!