Monday, September 21, 2009

Explain a guy’s fascination with football!

Sunday football is back and I am surrounded by football on every TV in each room. Is football like the E! Channel for women? Why do the (forgive me) monotone announcers try to explain every play? Before you write me off as a woman who will never get the game, I actually do understand. I cheerleaded my way through high school and enjoyed paring our cheers with the game.

I started off my Sunday with Honey watching football on mute. He stayed glued to the T.V. until about 2:00pm screaming when a play didn’t go his way. Honey has also been known to break remote controls as he throws them at the players or at a referee after a bad call. I left Honey to watch his game (and no, I didn’t get him a beer) and called my little brother to check in with him.
I felt like we were having a one sided conversation. I asked him about school, girls, friends and then the usually chatty P gave back one-word answers to my questions. And then it happened - he screamed at the call in the football game. “Oh no,” I thought. “They have my brother too!”

Why do guys seem to go into a football trance? They are in the kind of trance I go into when I’m watching shows like: Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway and anything on the E! Channel (except for the Girls Next Door). The colors, the commercials and the music all draw me in. Can’t I just let Honey enjoy one or two nights of a game that he loves?

It just turns into more.

One game turns into overtime, which leads to fantasy football leagues, and then Sportscenter and Bill Simmons recaps. And then I hear all this random trivia, like how certain players have to wear sweatpants because his legs are so huge, he can’t fit into any other pants etc. I must admit that I can also surprise my football-addicted friends. While we’re watching the game, they leave the room to grab something. I recap the last plays. Well, I have to have some things up my sleeve? Can you explain to me a guy’s fascination with football?


~K said...

Umm...Hello..there are tight ends, wide receivers...tackling is OK..and the announcer talks about penetration deep into the back field all day. You mix that much Freud with Cheerleaders and Beer and how can a guy NOT like football? :-)

Lily G. said...

haha, i totally know what you mean. Sunday is always dedicated to football. Plus my man has fantasy football teams to worry about too!

E.K. said...

I don't take it too far, I just watch a game every now and then to remind myself I'm a dude. I also have to build something and drink a beer, it's just what it is, ha ha!

Laura said...

~K: Uh hello you are totally right K. Perfect comment!

Laura said...

Lily G: Mine too. Please call me next Sunday =)

E.K.: So true. Next we're going to make you go to a baby shower. Never!