Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guest blogger Char: San Francisco memories and photographers

Today's guest blogger is Char from Ramblins... wrote a lovely guest post about her experiences with San Francisco and SF photographers. Can I get a drum roll for Char's post please...
Hey you all, I’m guest hosting for Laura today. She asked me to write about San Francisco. The thing is, I love the town – I do, but I’ve only gotten to visit one time (boy was that an experience). My funniest (now memory) of the city was sitting in my big old Ford Tarsus at a stop sign, which happened to be at the very top of a large hill and I couldn’t see over the end of the nose of the car. I can remember mentally crossing myself and taking the dive down the hill, of course wondering if I could stop at the next stop sign at the bottom of the hill.

You see, I used to travel with my job – and when I got the opportunity to get near San Francisco (well, the Oakland area) my friend Bud ‘mapped’ a trip for me. He had me drive from my appointment over to Napa to have lunch at the Rutherford Grill (sooooooooooo yummy), drive to Muir Woods (who knew you had to hike to see redwoods???), then I planned to drive to the Golden Gate to see it. I didn’t want to go into the city since it was rush hour. Silly me – I really thought there would be a turnaround before you crossed the bridge.

So, after the harrowing experience of driving across the bridge and being dumped into rush hour – I found the way to the Bay Bridge and inched my way back to the Oakland Airport area. Whew.

Ironically, a couple years later – I made really good friends with two fabulous photographers from the San Francisco area and could have had a guided tour. Laura has been interviewed by Tangobaby for her blog, I live here: SF (a must read for all people loving SF) and you must read Tangobaby’s adventurous blog too.

But, you can’t go without checking out another fabulous photographer – Stacey Debono. You can check out her work on Flickr (a can’t miss). This woman has taught me so much about photography (plus she's the sweetest soul ever). Mad love for her work. Her son, Nick, is also a fabulous photographer (it must run in the family).

So, this is the little southern girl’s adventures in San Francisco, as limited as they were. And you can have a generous laugh on me .


June Saville said...

Just to stand in the middle of San Francisco and take in the scene would be a big deal for me ..
June in Oz

Char said...

it was gorgeous

georgia b. said...

already familiar with tangobaby, but not with stacy debono. i'll have to go check her out now.

i've been to san francisco, but it was many years ago i would really love to go back now that i'm into the whole photos of big cities thing.