Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calling all love stories: Undomestic Chica

Wow my first guest post! Hi, I’m Lindsay from Undomestic Chica. I love Love Stories. Since Laura’s on her way to getting married, I think it’s only fitting I tell you my love story.
-You mean our story. I’m the Boyfriend, Lindsay calls me B at Undomestic Chica, and this is our story.

I had been in a two year relationship that was…unhealthy to say the least. After I finally got out of that situation, I wanted nothing to do with guys. At 25, I had pretty much been in some sort of relationship since I was 20, and had been in a semi-serious (although completely wrong) relationship since I was 22. I was deliriously happy: I had just been hired at the radio station, I worked two other jobs, I had just met a really good girlfriend and was going out all the time, after dealing with guy’s crap for so long I wanted nothing to do with them.

And then came B. The first time we talked was at our Race for the Cure event in June. I was still an intern, he was a talent, my boss introduced us and that was that.
-That’s when I gave you my sweatshirt.

Yes it was. See, I was cold and he was leaving so he lent me use his sweatshirt. I noticed he was attractive but that was it, there were no I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you moments. I learned B didn’t actually work for my station, but one of our sister stations so I never expected to see him again; I only worked weekends.
- Ah but you did see me again because you had the sunglasses I left in the pocket. You still owe me a pair of sunglasses. Sucka!

By September I had not only gone from an intern to being hired part time at the radio station, but less than 3 months later I was promoted to the part-time office position. I was basically my bosses’ assistant. B had come to talk to somebody who sat on the other side of the doorway from me (she ended up being Roomate, but wasn’t yet) and we exchanged a few words. I remember noticing his sense of style. He was wearing a (Washington State) Cougar jersey and his shoes matched! That matters you know.
-I did? I don’t remember that. But the whole reason I was even going over to talk to Roomate was because I had noticed this cute, new girl that was suddenly there more often.

On Halloween I was dressed in this cute, hot, little bunny outfit when I ran into B and some of his friends at a club I used to promote. I may have been boldened by the drinks I had so without really knowing it was him, I tapped him on the arm and gave him a big hug when he turned around. Then I was a little embarrassed and rushed upstairs to VIP.
-Yeah, ‘cause you were in a cute bunny outfit with a plush ball in the back. I wanted to go up and squeeze it. It made me think of playboy. I talked about you to all my friends. I was telling them, “Oh my gosh, that’s the girl who works at the station!” I was totally bragging about you. You were always so quiet at the station, I never expected you to be so outgoing.

Great, now I remind you of a Playboy Bunny.-And that’s hot.

Anyway, that Monday, I was embarrassed when I walked around the corner and B was telling Roomate about running into me. I was embarrassed anyone from work had seen me in something so short.
-That’s when I started asking Roomate about your status…..and not because you were wearing something short J.

Every November, my station produced this huge, free concert. B emceed while one of our DJs spun in between the artists. Again, I remembered his sense of style, he was wearing the same thing he was wearing when I ran into him at the club: an argyle vest over a white dress shirt, white hat and white shoes. See, even though I’m always in heels, I have quite the Nike sneaker collection. I notice people’s shoes. I notice people’s style. I always match right down to my shoes and I notice when guys do too. It’s all about the attention to detail and the little things.
-Matching Jordans! I specifically bought those shoes for that night

“That night, I remember telling my co-worker, “Is it weird that I kind of think B is cute?” She shook her head no and said it wasn’t weird at all. B left before the headliner (Nelly) to help host the after party at one of the club nights the station does. He was talking to Roomate (before she became Roomate) when I accidentally interrupted to tell her something. He asked if I was going to the club. No, and as much as I want to see Nelly I also want to go to the club and drool over you….. I didn’t tell him this of course.

Shortly after, I started reading some book, I can tell you what it was about but not the title. I read so much the titles blur together eventually. It was about a women who lives in an old house; her employee is a guy living in the apartment over the garage who finds a baby on the doorstep and hides it from the woman and everyone else in the town. He struggles trying to hide the baby but still trying to take care of it at the same time. Anyway, the woman did not end up with the love of her life whose name was B. A sign? Quite possibly.

I remember one day when I needed to get into our auxiliary studio to record a commercial, B was in there. I opened the door, “Will you let me know when you’re done, I need to record a spot.” He made such intense eye contact and listened so intently. He fluttered his eyelashes and told me he would….and I got nervous.

-See, you didn’t seem nervous at all. You seemed normal to me. And I thought, Wow she talks! You were always so quiet. And always walked around staring at the floor.

I felt myself getting hot and kind of shaky as I turned around to walk back to my desk. He knows! He’ll think you’re a stupid, silly little girl. And I do look at the floor when I walk, remember how I’m always in heels? I gotta make sure I don’t trip on anything or step in anything gross. Remember that one time at dinner when my heel got stuck in the slats of the floor?
-Oh yeah! Haha. Even the people at the table next to us laughed.

Back to the story. B was stopping to say hello to Roomate pretty often. I never really listened to what they talked about, and tried not to give away that I was interested when I came to a conclusion: Roomate and B were or had been hooking up. Stay tuned for part 2 on Wednesday June 16th . And stop over to my blog and say “Hello sometime.”


Johana Hill said...

Chica, I think that's your best post ever! I love the little additions from B! I can't wait to read part 2! I'll surely bookmark it and pop by on June 16th!

Donn Cook said...

Love this! I agree with's so nice to hear how you met and for B to make little comments in between! Really cute! Keep going....

Happisis said...

love your post. i feel like reading a story book =p can't wait for the part two =D this is lovely. :D