Friday, June 4, 2010

Calling all love stories: 2,776 Miles

Thank you Brandi for guest posting today and I am proud to call you a blogging friend. I love your pictures, honesty and pictures on your blog. And I also love getting your comments and feedback. We are ready for you to share your bliss with us. Take it away Brandi!
Hi everyone! I’m Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary and I’m so honored to be guest posting for Laura while she’s off on her honeymoon. I thought I’d tell you all a little about my love story.

My boyfriend M and I met in Astrophysics class. (Yes, we are that geeky.) He was working on his Masters in teaching; I was finishing up a second Bachelors degree.

I never expected to fall in love. At that point in my life, I had begun to believe that “being in love” with someone was something I’d only know in movies and books. I thought it was one giant mass hallucination. M proved me so wrong.

We’re currently in a long distance relationship: he’s on the East Coast, I’m on the West Coast. There’s 2,776 miles between us. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Last August, we drove that distance together, and I discovered not only America but how much he had changed me. I learned that even though what you do in your life is important, who you do it with means so very much.

What lessons has love taught you?

{first image from the is found photography, second image from flickr user avec fleur, third image via weheartit}


Kris said...

oh wow... I need more time to think about this one!

cfoxes33 said...

This was a good one.

Krystal said...

what a cute bloggy idea!

a | allthingsami said...

sweet read! brandi's stories always say so much. love has taught me that it has the ability to transcend | inspire | be reinvented | transform | multiply | heal | become tangible.

Kirby said...

That was truley beautiful! T and I were long distance for 2 1/2 years and it was worth every second. It made us a stronger couple, we appricaite the little things more.

I wish you and M the best love you can give each other.

xx Kirby