Monday, June 7, 2010

Luxurious Romance Shots from Simply Luxurious

Not everyone can be in touch with their feelings of warmth as Simply Luxurious is and I love how she translates it into these luxurious romance shots. Thank you SL for all of your well wishes and I am in love with your love roll. Tell us sweetie, which picture is your favorite? I think I have two or three!
There is something contagious about romance when one sits down to compose a piece with love as the centerpiece. I couldn’t help but smile a bit more, become evermore filled with hope, and reflect on wonderful memories I’ve shared.

There truly is something intoxicating about love, and while Laura and Honey are away allowing themselves to be immersed in such an enthralling emotion, I thought I’d bring a little love to the blogosphere today by sharing a handful of photographs that made me grab my very own pair of rose colored glasses.

Here’s to the lovers, the dreamers and me! (View Kermit’s adorable version of the aforementioned song by clicking here.)


The Simply Luxurious Life said...

Thank you for the lovely introduction. Happy LOVE Monday everyone! My new domain address is - have a beautiful week. =)

cfoxes33 said...

I love the first picture and the penguins!

Anonymous said...

"SL" has a great sense for beautiful pictures and she always finds inspiring and empowering words!

xoxo Sandra

Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants said...

Sweet and Poignant! These photos have made my day!