Saturday, June 12, 2010

Calling all love stories: Emerald Dandy

There's always been something really lovely about mister Emerald Dandy and I am proud to say he has become one of my blogging friends. If you haven't seen his Seattle blog then please check it out soon. He has such a wonderful and fresh way of seeing the world. And he wanted to share with you his love story. Take it away ED...

It all begins when I had first moved into my building nearly 2 years ago. I was busy unloading my car of my boxes and hiking them up the stairs, when I was startled by a man and his dog. The dog gave a little bark which set off my nerves, but the man himself was truly stunning. I was excited to move into my apartment, knowing that there was at least "one" attractive gentleman in the building.

Without too much work I was able to see that this man lived in our courtyard (which I had to walk past everyday to reach my apartment), with another man... most likely his boyfriend. It didn't stop me from always trying to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous man; I always hoped he'd see me, but I never seemed lucky enough. After about 6 months I switched to a different apartment in the building, so my daily hunt ended.

I didn't think too much of it, until I discovered that one of my close friends was moving into HIS apartment. Apparently, he had broken up with his boyfriend, and the boyfriend had moved back to Texas. He no longer needed that apartment, so he moved into something smaller within the building. I had no idea where he had moved, but liked the idea that he was still here (AND single!)

After a night out with friends and talking about boys, I was dared to somehow strike up a conversation with my apartment-crush. Since I hadn't seen him in awhile and hadn't a clue where he lived, I tried something borderline stalker-ish. I scribbled a quick note on a napkin which said "Hey, I think you're cute. Would love to hang out with you some time. Xoxo, your secret admirer." and left it on his car parked in the garage. I'm not sure what I was thinking, as this was a large complex and trying to figure out who his secret admirer would have been similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

Since my note was general, I attempted by writing another. This time I left my name, apartment, and phone number. I couldn't believe I went through with this, but I figured what the hell?! Within a few days I received a text from him, and before you know it we were chatting.

For two weeks we were texting back and forth so I finally said "So are we ever going to actually meet, or continue to play this game?" and he responded by setting a date. Simple and easy, a BBQ date up on the roof. I was a little nervous, but was excited to meet him. I didn't actually think I stood a chance with him, but was stoked to see what would happen.

The evening of our "date" was perfect timing for me. I had just ended a disastrous friendship/relationship so I was excited for some type of distraction. I'll never forget when Chace and I actually met. I opened the door to the rooftop, and there he was. The look on his face was priceless... it was as if I stopped him dead in his tracks.

The first date was slightly awkward, as first dates tend to be. I quickly discovered why he had initially reacted the way he had. Turns out I wasn't the only one that was doing some "stalking."

While Chace was living in the courtyard, he remembered seeing this cute guy walk by, and hoped to get his attention, but ended up unsuccessful. One night while he was out walking his dog he glanced up at his building and noticed this guy wearing nothing but a towel; he had just discovered where the boy lived and was intrigued. While he was in his apartment he was always hoping to catch a glimpse of the boy walking past the courtyard, and while he was walking his dog he hoped to see him in his apartment. Suddenly, the boy had moved away, and he had figured his fantasy was over.

Boy was he wrong, because he was having a BBQ with that same boy! The date went well and we've been together ever since!


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I love love love this story!!!

Emerald Dandy said...

Awww, thank you so much Joanie!!
Emerald Dandy

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