Saturday, May 8, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

Doesn't this inspirational weekend quote remind you to think about the most powerful moments in your life? Like when your breath was knocked right out of you?

It did for me!

Sometimes the breathless moments in my life have been negative and other times positive.

I can vividly remember being told the wonderful news that my step-mother was pregnant and it took my breath away. I can also still feel the moment I was told my Uncle had stage IV lung cancer.

Life twists and turns, but its moments of change that I live for.

Feeling the breath away from my body reminds me to appreciate every day. What can we do to remind ourselves of this inspirational weekend quote? Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!


Simply Luxurious said...

Hitch immediately comes to mind with this quote, but he delivers it so beautifully in the film that it helps it soak in all the better.
What this quote reminds me to do is slow down. When a simple moment is so very satisfying and full of smiles and pleasure, appreciate it, don't ask for more.
Thanks for sharing this one. And you're right, I guess moments that take our breath away can be positive or negative. Have a beautiful weekend and hopefully we find so many more beautiful moments than the latter. =)

Pink Peony said...

I have always loved this one. Thanks for sharing!