Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best of Under the Sheets~shhh posts!

So I adore writing to you, my lovelies as I enjoy seeing my thoughts turned into posts. And this is why I wanted to share with you some of my fav posts that shows off the vast range of blog topics. If you haven't read these posts yet, click and catch up. And I'd love to read your thoughts. Have a wonderful day!
How do I become a Pinup girl?

So my secret is finally out...can you help me fulfill my life long dream of becoming a Pinup girl? Where do I sign up and pose like one of these lovely vixen ladies? There's always been something so strong and sexy about Pinup girl's poses. And I love these modern day pics with a twist...get ready to let me know which Pinup girl is your fav sweetie...

We all scream for ice cream

Why do children have watching certain TV shows and eating the same ice cream over and over. Last week my co-workers reminded me of my habits. We were talking about the cartoons we used to watch as kids. My fav was Jem and the Holograms and I would race home to catch a new episode. Yes, Jem was truly outrageous...

What will be my something blue?

Do you know where the tradition of something
borrowed and something blue on your wedding day came from? Does every bride try and continue this tradition? And so I've been wondering what my something blue could be. Can it be a handkerchief that I hold or a blue balloon nearby by or can I get away with just having blue eyes?

Can I ever compete with a foodie?

I wish I were a foodie. See I can finally admit it and I even feel a little jealous when I'm sitting a restaurant with foodies. It's like they know the secret to dreaming about food. Talk about it even when they are eating a meal. Foodies must have a secret code that I don't know about it. I honestly don't think about my next meal until I'm hungry and please keep this a secret, but I've even skipped some meals. Shocker!

Girlie boutique Napa inspiration!

I wish I could escape into girlie boutique inspiration today. Don't you sweetie? A place where only flowers, pink and comfy beds exist. And as I recover from a lovely weekend away with my girlfriends in Napa (Tra Vigne is still the best restaurant), I am reminded that sisterhood is some of my glue that keeps me together. Love ya ladies...

Oh that was fun and let me know which post was your favorite or favorite picture? I loved the Pinup girl post and loved getting your comments.


Dollface said...

I love the blue on the bottom of the shoe.... is it your wedding yet? I know its close!!! And ice-cream, ummm... but Im loving fro yo right now, which I suppose is better for us brides!! miss ya! xxxoo

Party Box Design said...

the somthing blue post!!

Laura said...

Dollface: So do I and yes we have only two weeks to go. Miss you too and how is all of your planning xoxo

Laura said...

Party Box Design: Me too sweetie and what are some of your favorite posts?

Debbie said...

Excellent posts. Don't great comments just make your day?

Laura said...

Debbie: I love getting comments from you. Thanx sweetie and have a great weekend!