Saturday, May 1, 2010

Inspirational Weekend Quote

Oh Audrey Hepburn, how I love thee. I feel like we could have been good friends dancing together, dressing in ballet flats, wearing french twists, traveling the world or maybe even just speaking french.

Wait does every woman think Audrey was speaking directly to them? This inspirational weekend quote speaks to my girlie side.

I also believe in pink and kissing a lot. I believe a smile makes the difference to a person who is beautiful on the inside and out. I believe I should always stop and smell the roses and if someone with me doesn't believe in stopping, then I can gently encourage them otherwise. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that ice cream and chocolate are some of the most amazing food inventions ever. I believe in dancing for no reason. I believe in telling people how much they mean to me. I believe in finding your own outlet. I believe in finding your own truth!

Now its your turn to tell me what you believe sweetie...and I'm still looking for some wonderful guest bloggers to write a post for "calling all love stories" for the weeks of May 24th to June 15th. Interested lovely then please email me at Have a great weekend!


LouBoo said...

Hi - I hopped over to your blog - and saw this lovely quote. I believe that the best thing you can do is trust yourself. It takes a while to be able to do it, but when you finally do, its all good :-) LB x

Char said...

i believe most people are stronger than they realize and they are only held back by their own fear. i believe that well we feel held down, it's usually our own selves that hold us back. i believe i the power of kisses, hugs and "i love yous" and that saying something nice is the lowest cost way to improve some one's day. i believe in faith and miracles, i believe in the power of positive thoughts. i believe in wishing on dandelions, shooting stars and rainbows and that hot tea and toast are the best cure for a sad day.

Laura said...

LouBoo: Love your comment sweetie and I totally agree. There's a confidence that comes with age, but it comes down to trust. Welcome!

Laura said...

Char: Oh Char thank you for finishing my thoughts and I am in love with your last line. "i believe in wishing on dandelions, shooting stars and rainbows and that hot tea and toast are the best cure for a sad day." You are very special and thank you for your comment!