Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blogging advice; Eat breathe and live it

It's been almost two years, that I secretly started writing this blog. Under the Sheets~shhh was my secret and I thought I would never share it with anyone. I am so glad I was able to let go, feel confidant in my words and share. And so many wonderful things have happened because of it. Then one day I was given the best blog advice ever! "Your blog will become successful only when you start to eat breathe and live it!" This became my blogging words to live by.

* Photo courtesy of Jimmy Backius

How does working on your side project of writing consume you?

Do I like giving myself homework? Well no, but I love the feeling of creativity that this blog gives me. I actually feel like something is missing if my posts aren't done. And whenever I see a scenario that makes me say out loud, "that would make a great post" I know I am truly done for.

I wonder what's happened to me? Suddenly I see life in colorful words. For example I was talking to my brother in Toronto and he told me about an amazing restaurant they just had dinner at called O.Noir. "Dining in the Dark, when you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savor the smell and taste of food." And my first response to him was, "What an amazing concept. How should I write about it?"

I guess only bloggers can understand how my life and my art has combined so seamlessly that I am starting to lose the line.

And where did I go to learn my new blogging craft. I would read a lot of articles about social media, read other blogs that I admired and Honey would send me posts by Seth Godin.

My blogging advice I'd like to pass to you is to network as much as you can. Develop relationships with other blogs so you and your community will continue to grow. Well at least that's what happened to me lovelies!

* Photo courtesy of James Nader

If you had a friend who just starting out blogging, what advice would you give to them? Have a great day sweetie!


Char said...

advice: follow your voice and write for you. the rest will come but you won't enjoy it if you don't write for yourself.


Simply Luxurious said...

I loved reading your thoughts. I can absolutely relate to what you're saying. I could stay up all night writing posts. I quite regularly forget about the hour until after I'm done and then I realize I will only be getting a handful of hours of sleep for my day job - oh well, doesn't seem to deter me. I'm so thankful to have found an outlet for my passions.
Have a beautiful day. =)

JMW said...

What a great post! Always enjoy reading what you have to say.

My advice to a new blogger: Write about what you know and love. Read as many blogs as possible and become a follower of the ones you like. A world of great fellow- bloggers will open to you and you'll find more followers that way, thus sharing your voice with a larger part of the world.

Valerie said...

Wonderful advice! I agree that I try to incorporate a post into every activity I do now. It does force me to be more creative with my life and it's fun!


One Cluttered Brain said...

Seth Godin is AWESOME! i love his Meatball sundae book.

Blogging advice: Try NOT to focus on the numbers game. Followers, number of comments, Gradually you will generate the popularity you deserve.

just write from your heart--(Or almost, don't expose TOO much) And have FUN!!!

Great post!

Laura said...

Char: Such great blogging advice. Luv it and thank you for sharing!

Laura said...

Simply Luxurious: You too sweetie and yes I wonder all the time what I did before this blog? Ah yes I was still writing, but in my journal :)

Laura said...

JMW: Great advice about giving back and learning all at the same time. Knowing your not alone helps me every day!

Laura said...

Valerie: What a great way of looking at life. What if every experience became a post?

Laura said...

One Cluttered Brain: Seth Godin's the best huh! Such quick wit and sound advice about writing what you know and love and then the rest will follow! Thanx for your comment sweetie...

Party Box Design said...

great post! i dont have any great advice, my blog is so new!

Emily said...

That is great advice!If only I could find the time to eat breathe and live it:)

My advice though would be: let loose, write like you would speak. Let your voice shine through your words on the page. x LZ

Fleur said...

I love reading your blogposts they make so much sense to me. Reading all the comments of advice to a new blogger is v. helpful (as I am one!), is it bad that I am up to the wee hours and even forget to eat dinner some times?! I am literally, eat, breathing and living it, well as much as I can anyway - squeezing it in with full time work...would much rather be a full time blogger! Have a lovely weekend everyone