Monday, April 5, 2010

Puma is a cougar in training?

My three girlfriends and I were recently sitting at a coffee shop when the topic of our relationships came up. Doesn’t it always? I quickly realized that all three of us were all in different stages. One was living with her girlfriend, another engaged etc. Sure I made a joke about how my stock was about to go down, but it was my friend who needed the advice about her non-boyfriend that she’s been seeing for almost a year.

Yup her non-boyfriend that she sees every weekend, most nights, they spend weekend getaways together and have been each other’s plus one at work events. And then I laughed out loud when she called herself a cougar because of their age difference.

I suggested that, “She wasn’t a cougar, but a puma.” Don’t you agree? A cougar is a woman who is in there forties and hunting for twenty year olds. A puma is a (cougar-in-training) woman in her thirties dating a younger man. And I’m so glad my girlfriend laughed.

Why do we feel better with labels though?

With her new puma status she seemed to carry herself a little stronger and sit up a little straighter in her chair. Never mind she was caring for someone that wasn’t giving back the way she wanted.

'Puma' seemed to make her feel better. It seemed confusing to be seeing someone she cared about and yet they checked in periodically to make sure that the other one hadn’t fallen in love because of their ‘understanding’. I encouraged her to break up from her non-boyfriend and find someone who deserves her time, energy and care. Maybe she just feels the puma pull to being free and unattached. Or is this a myth as she seems attached to me?

Pumas are cougars in training, but where does the training come from if you have a broken heart. I hope she gets this non-boyfriend out of her system soon and see’s how wonderful she is. So lovelies do you agree or disagree with my advice? And just remember she’s probably reading this post…


Dollface said...

Who needs labels?? I love the idea of the puma though.. you could totally market this and write a book.. hows the wedding planning lady?!! xxxooo

Party Box Design said...

there are not enough hrs in the day, and days in our life to be spending our time with someone who doesnt care for you or love you.

love is an amazing feeling, it pulls you up when you are down, and it fills you up when you are already full. its a feeling where no word is even good enough to describe it.

BUT you never know what you have until you have it! Having love, makes you realize how much time you wasted on all those non lovers!

Char said...

:) is it just him that doesn't want serious or is this seriously mutual? if it's totally mutual - i agree, who needs labels?? but, if she wants him and he wants to keep it light, then she needs to find someone that will appreciate the wonderful that she is.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh that is cute...puma! Sounds like she really does deserve someone who will give her love and respect...I agree she would do well to move on...easier said than done.

bench watch said...

Beautiful post! That first pic is how i imagine heaven

No Ordinary Housewife said...

So true - we always feel much better with Labels... strange but true