Thursday, April 15, 2010

You've entered the comfort zone!

Every day at work I imagine my slippers, favorite mug and over sized chair at home. It's my own perfect comfort zone. It doesn't matter how tough my day was, when I'm home I sink into my comfort and melt away. What do you miss when you leave for your day?

Why do I love almost every one of these comforting pictures and can someone please get some flowers and put them on my bedside table? Thanx sweetie!

Shoes spread all around our bedroom give me a sense of calm. Shoes remind me I'm home when they fit me perfectly.

Ah yummy comfort! All I want to do is melt into this blanket.

These retro candles call to me because of their warmth and color. I also have a weakness for smelly candles that fill every room.

I work hard at making my home the comfortable sanctuary that it is. Size doesn't matter to me, but the people inside. And as I took steps last weekend out of my comfort zone, I encourage you to take the leap as well. Go on lovely you can do it! Where do you think it will take you?


Char said...

i'm home sick today - all i want is hot tea, a blanket and a box of soft tissues.

Laura said...

Char: Feel so much better Char!!!