Monday, April 12, 2010

In two words...Italian honeymoon!

Yes we just bought tickets to go on our honeymoon…drum roll please…to Italy. Which I know will be one of the most magical places I've ever seen. Honey and I were talking about traveling to Belize or Hawaii, but both sets of our parents called to encourage Italy. There’s something so calming to know that after all of our hard wedding work, we can get on a plane to Rome and get lost while we still feel the newlywed bliss.

Italy, I can’t wait to be welcomed by your history, cobble stone streets, beauty, food, wine, music and warmth of people. Can someone call ahead and let them know we’re coming? Thanx sweetie.

I am so excited to go to the Italian countryside and be calm. We can drive the Amalfi Coast without having to talk about what flowers to pick or discuss menu selections. Sure wedding planning is a rite of passage, but our treat is visiting Italy.

And I knew we made the right honeymoon decision when we started to tell people. For example, recently while standing in our local supermarket the grocer asked us about our wedding planning and we told him our news. A woman waiting in the line behind us started to tell us of her incredible Italian honeymoon. She wished she could still be there watching the Italian sunset and eating olives.

Life will take over for Honey and I after our glow has gone. Our days will become more about our daily lives together, seeing friends and family, lunch making, children rides to and from baseball…but we can quickly think back to our time away.

It was the book Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert that spoke to my soul about letting go and enjoying the travel.

You haven't read it oh you so have to!

So what advice do you give us while we are away our Italian honeymoon? Should we be tourists and see everything Italy has to offer or get lost in the Italian countryside?


Party Box Design said...

how exciting!!! you are going to have the best time ever!

my husband proposed to me in italy... in cinque terre! if you have the opp, 5 small picture perfect towns on the coast!

No Ordinary Housewife said...

My other half proposed in Venice!!! We're going back this year for a holiday :o)

Italy - A beautifully magical place.

See you over there darling - and congratulations!!!

No Ordinary Housewife

bridechic said...

I truly envy you darling. Italy! You'll never forget it believe me . . .

BakerGirl said...

Definitely take the time to stay in one smaller place. I feel in love with Lucca, Italy when traveling with a friend for 2 months. We stayed there for 2 weeks and it was an amazing opportunity to get to see the everyday workings and meet people.

Rome is fabulous but not my favorite place. I really wanted to make it to the Amalfi Coast but alas, we just couldn't afford it at the time!

You will love Italy! I'm so excited for you and your husband!

Namine said...

OH That is sooo exciting!!! Italy sounds so beautiful!!

Did you know the book Eat Pray Love is now being made into a movie?? With Julia Roberts!!

Laura said...

Party Box Design: How wonderful and congrats to you. I can't wait to look into cinque terre. What wonderful memories!

Laura said...

No Ordinary Housewife: You are SO getting me excited. I can barely take it. I will think of you I promise sweetie!

Laura said...

bridechic: thank you sweetie and for all of your support. Off to read your latest post xoxo

Laura said...

BakerGirl: What wonderful advice and your right staying in one or two places to get a true feel for a place is the way I like to travel as well. Thanx for your comment sweetie!

Simply Luxurious said...

Sounds like it will be a fantastic trip to be together as newly weds. What fun!