Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding planning: 3 months to go

Recently my guy friend asked me if I was blogging about how the wedding planning was going. Why do I get surprised when my guy friends show their wedding interest? Like last week I went to our friend’s birthday dinner and was surrounded by guys and they wanted to hear the details and find out how they can help. With only more 3 months to go, I feel my internal clock counting down to the big day. And it seems we have a skeleton of plans and now its time to finalize them. This bride is ready to get the show on the road!

*Picture taken by Wedding Style Guide

Some of the advice that’s been given to me is to enjoy the planning as everything goes by fast and so does the big day. Except our planning process has changed to be doubly busy with plans so we can arrange two ceremonies.

What will I do with my free time when the weddings are over? Ah Honeymoon here we come!

And recently I thought our Rabbi had stood us up. Let me explain:
Finding a Rabbi hasn’t been an easy task. After months of searching I found a Rabbi that I felt a connection to and so I arranged a meeting for Honey and I to go and meet her.

On a Thursday night, it was starting to rain outside and the lights were out at her office building. In fact, there wasn’t a soul in sight. 6:30 came and went and there was no answer at the door or from her phone. 10 minutes went by and then 20. I turned to Honey and asked him, “Did we just get stood up by a Rabbi?”
I just knew something had happened. Rabbi's can't stand people up, can they?

The next morning my phone rang and it was the Rabbi sounding very groggy and loopy. She let me know that she had broken her leg. She also told me she felt horrible that someone hadn’t gotten in touch with us to cancel the appointment.

Oh no! I let her know we were just happy she was OK.

So there seems to be some ups and downs with our wedding planning. And then the exciting call came yesterday that my bridal dress was in the store and I can come in for a fitting. And so the craziness and wonderful things begin. What wedding planning stories and advice do you have for me?


Party Box Design said...

wedding planning is SOOO FUN and sooooooooo stressful!!!!

glad the rabbi called, and that yes she is ok!!!

McVal said...

Glad she's ok! Let the planning continue!
We were planning an outdoor flower garden wedding and didn't have any backup plans... It rained the weekend before and the weekend after, oh and early the morning of the wedding... But it was beautiful and dry for our ceremony! whew!

Brandi said...

I'm so happy to hear you're taking the time to enjoy the planning as well. I think that's important: loving every moment. Glad all is well with the rabbi too.

Dollface said...

Just remember its your day... relax, breathe and smile.. take it all in and love every moment.. keep a journal and remember ideas, colors, scents, just remember it all :) xxxooo

Laura said...

Party Box Design: Thanx sweetie me too!

Laura said...

McVa: Such a great story and I'm glad it all turned out OK. I'm sure it so was beautiful...

Laura said...

Brandi: Such great advice Brandi

Laura said...

Dollface : Keeping a journal is a wonderful idea. I promise to pick a new one up today. Thanx Dollface!

オテモヤン said...
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Leah said...

Laura, the advice that you enjoy the planning moments is so true. Just laugh off any misadventures. Those will be part of the things you'll forever laugh and talk about after the big day.

Just make sure that everything on your list has been addressed then sit back and relax. xoxo

reub-envision said...

fun blog
as for wedding planning:
make check lists
treat yourself when you finish a check list
save things that you find inspiring
I tell all brides to go there
& most of all have fun :)