Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wonderful weekend words to live by

How do you know if you’re in the right place in life? I trust and trust and trust. I believe that my path is planned out. All I have to do is choose which path to go down. And yet life twists and turns. I gain new people and lose others close to me. I am presented with the same 'type' of person until I learn how to deal with them. Loss runs through my veins since I was first touched by it very young. With each loss I feel the same inside . Shocked, empty and questioning why. Instead of letting the loss break me, I learn from the pain and find the joy in those lost. Almost like clockwork, I take my step back and reevaluate my life.
Am I following my dreams?

And then he said to me, “Life is so short. Push away those that don’t matter and reach for the stars.”

Today I promise to you, that I will continue to reach for the stars especially on those tougher days. I promise to follow my own path and will look back on my choices and smile. Do not wait for anyone else to decide for you!

Today, can you promise you'll try to do the same?

Wonderful words to live by

Be very careful what you wish for – you might get it!
Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. ~Buddha
Once in a while, it’s OK to eat dessert first.
Take some time to smell the flowers and enjoy the view.

Please remind me of the above words whenever I forget…thank you blogging friends.

(I took this photo in Delray Beach, Florida)


vicki archer said...

We must all reach for the stars - so beautifully put Laura...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Melissa Blake said...

oooh my! What a beautiful post.

Pink Peony said...

Lovely thanks for sharing :)

Laura said...

Vicki:Thanx sweetie!

Melissa: Thank you so much.

Pink Peony: Glad to. Have a good weekend!

Char said...

I love these reminders - we all need them from time to time with something obscures our way. Keep on reaching!

Kris said...

Fabulous post! We all ned to be reminded... all-the-time!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Have a beautiful weekend! I love your words and will take them to heart!

Lily G. said...

Great post!!! Thanks for sharing.

kimber doll said...

Great words to live by =)

JMW said...

Delightful post - certainly words to live by.

Laura said...

Char: Thanx Char you always make me smile.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hey love...funny great minds...I was thinking about you today and missing you! Where have you been all my life...

this is an amazing post! If I had a printer at home, I'd put it on my bathroom mirror.

Remind me too, ok? :)
K off to talk makeup up there! haha!