Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's new in my makeup bag today?

Yes to tomatoes moisturizer has saved my face during the hot summer months. I also love the $15.99 price tag.

Kitten Stila eyeshadow works on most skin types. Especially if you like the shimmery look.

To get the best results, try using a couple of drops of Vive pro after you've dried your hair. I find if I use too much, my hair gets weighed down.

shu uemura has to be the best eyelash curler I've ever tried. What's the trick to perfectly curled eyelashes? Well, first lightly heat up your curler with a hairdryer, then curl your lashes and add your mascara last. Click here for my favorite mascara...

Revlon beyond natural in nude (04) has an SPF of 15 and lasts for hours. *Hint: To make your lipstick last longer, try adding some powder to your lips beforehand.

Hanae Mori is one of my favorite perfumes. You're bound to get a rave review for its light vanilla scent.

Laura Mercier kir royal sateen eye colour is lovely when paired with the kitten Stila eyeshadow.

For the sun-kissed look, try shimmer waves (compact on the left) from The Body Shop. I love this on my cheeks, but it can also be used as an eyeshadow.

MAC is a great bronzer to use. I use the bronzer sparingly and my MAC shade is refined golden. Comment below and tell me what product do you use to look sun-kissed? Under the Sheets-Shhhh...what's new in your makeup bag?


Dollface said...

Im obsessed with Hanae!! I love that you love this... and Im soo scared by eye curlers, haha xxxoo

Pink Peony said...

Great idea with the eyelash curler. I'll have to try it.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

I am currently in love with some pure mineral eyeshadows ordered off Etsy. Ginger and Desert Sands and Oyster. Now, if only I had a better eyeshadow brush...

Stopping in from SITS. Happy Tuesday!

Laura said...

Dollface: What other scents do you love sweetie?

Pink Peony: Let me know if it works for you!

Laura said...

delilah: Great suggestions thank you sweetie. I find my brushes at either MAC or at E.L.F...Thanx for stopping by.

Moxie said...

Mascara, lip glosses, eye liner, eye shadows. Etc, etc. I got it all for free at CVS at one point or another. :) Either that or I got my make up for Christmas.

I think I even have a jump drive in there somewhere! :)

You can always tell what a woman is like by what they have in their make up bag, right? :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your blog is cute too. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Hanae Mori is my favorite scent too! And I have the same eyelash curler :)

I use NARS bronzer and blush (it's in a duo compact - perfect!)...


~K said...

I am not even sure why I read this.. some sort of morbid curiousity..but your gals's makeup bags are like Batman's utility belt or something along those lines! :-D

Laura said...

Moxie: Thanx for your comment and l totally agree. You can tell a lot about a women by her makeup bag and closet.

Laura said...

Thanx CC I love NARS products too. Duo powders save me so much time.

~K: I just laughed out loud at your Batcave comment. Can you imagine how we feel?

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ummm well...we have lots of the same stuff!
Stila Kitten-check!
The S. E Eyelash Curler is the only one I will ever use ever ever ever!!
MAC Bronzer-check!

I also love Benefit Dallas as a bronzer and Nars Orgasm blush and gloss, of course!

You're so cute! Love this post, so fun! Xo

(YES those boots are RIDONCULOUS! haha)


A few people have told me how fab Hanae Mori fragrance is...must finally go & sniff-sniff it myself!
ps: thanks for your kind words~
Lovely week darlin'


drollgirl said...

i love stila eyeshadow! it is the best. THE BEST!!!

i am trying to figure out a new foundation to use. fucking brutal! i am getting older and the bare minerals probably isn't so great for someone aged thirty nine. ugh. the search is on.

i like nars orgasm & benefit coralista for looking summery, shimmery and fab. :)

Patty Ann said...

thanks for stopping by, i love stumbling upon hidden blog-treasures!

Linda S. Socha said...

Oh My. I feel as if I have stumbled into one of those lovely Arizona spas. All this andLaura too!!. Love new ideas. I needed this lift!

I am ready to say good bye to summer and hello to the crisp breezes and shivers of fall! Thanks for a fun post!

Belle said...

gorgeous post! I don't really wear too much makeup , especially when it is this hot here in france (& back home in australia.) I use vichy Oligo 25 moisturizer on my face morning and night. I wear a little kohl eyeliner and lancome mascara and for my lips I use: Lucas paw paw ointment for during the day, my Chanel lipstick in Waikiki and my Paul and Joe lipgloss in Strawberry Tart for night time xxx

Le Coccole said...

Hi!! Thank you Laura for your comment on cutencheap blog! I'm also a fan of makeup!! And have a youtube channel on it, but it's in Italian language; I agree with you about Shu Uemura eyelashes curler, and into my makeup bag you will find my favorite mascara: MAC Dazzle Lush mascara and sooo many other products! :)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

LOVE the waves from The Body Shop, I used to have the pinky one a few years back and never replaced it.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

i have been using the Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer and just love it!