Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Book Giveaway!

My love for reading and escaping into a book, started when I was asked to write my first book report in Grade 3. So I’m excited to share with you my review on a wonderful book that I’ve just read called The Quirks, Habits and Passions of keeping house DIRT. 38 writers wrote a chapter for the book about their thoughts, secrets, obsession, upbringing and routine on getting rid or not getting rid of DIRT.

Here are my own top ten insights as to how DIRT has always affected my life. (Start thinking about your answers as you read mine. They can lead you to win a free copy of this book.)

1. I grew up in a manic household. My mother could only control the cleanliness of our house so it was super clean.
2. One of my rituals is to play music while I’m cleaning. I do little bits of cleaning at a time instead of just on a weekend day.
3. I can never remember my bed not being made. My childhood bedroom had a Laura Ashley matching bedspread, curtains and pillows. It looked like a model showroom.
4. I remember getting 50 cents every time I emptied the dishwasher and I still take pride when I complete this chore.
5. As a child, we had a cleaning lady who I thought of as a second mother, she was very warm, sweet and cooked me dinner.
6. Throughout my life, I’ve always kept a neat apartment or house.
7. I love staying in hotels because the hotel room gets magically cleaned. And sometimes there’s even a mint on my pillow.
8. I feel a lot of pride when people stop by unannounced and they tell me our place looks great.
9. I believe that a cluttered room can equal a cluttered mind.
10. I want to break the ‘compulsion’ cycle.


Two winners will receive this fab book
Winners announced on Sunday, August 9th at 12pm.

*Sorry only U.S. winners can win

Here's how to enter:

1. Become a follower of Under the Sheets-shhh! Already one? Thank you so much sweetie! If not, just be sure to click 'follow' in the followers box at the top right before entering.

2. Leave a comment below tell me about your quirks/habits while cleaning. Good luck...


Anonymous said...

I had the Laura Ashley matching bedspread, curtains, etc. too. I also had an umbrella to match. I loved it soooo much!
For me, playing music is a must! Otherwise cleaning is soooooo difficult!!!

Themis0307 said...

I usually do one big clean on a weekend day (or Friday night if I'm being a homebody). Instead of music, I put on a favorite movie and while I clean I listen to the movie (I have a small place) and see it playing in my mind (I've always had a vivid imagination). By the time I'm done, I've accomplished cleaning my house and enjoying a great movie all at the same time!

Mich said...

already a follower! (have been for a while)

i like to clean in my underwear with loud music playing. thats when you know im on a "cleaning frenzy". LOL

great post/giveaway idea!

Debbie said...

I am a follower.
And I don't like to clean. That is my quirk and my habit!

Dream Sequins said...

I'm a follower and I want to read this book! I used to be a complete slob, but now, with the help of a neat freak husband and a lovely housecleaner, I'm beginning to see the light!

P.S. Wasn't everyone into Laura Ashley everything back then? :)

Char said...

my mom was that way too...of course I went the opposite way. LOL

Ineffably said...

I stumbled upon your site yesterday, although I am not sure how. But, I love it! Consider me a new follower!

I would not consider myself a clean freak. But, I definitely enjoy life when things are clean.

I am a huge list maker, so before I start cleaning I write down a list and the order in which I am going to clean things. I always add a couple 'extra' items that need to be done, such as cleaning out the pantry, closets, etc. that don't usually get done on a weekly basis.

I always turn the music up really loud and clean on a week-end so that it can all get done. There is nothing like that feeling of being done and having the cleanest house for a few minutes until someone comes along and messes it up!

Halahblue said...

I love to have a clean house. I'm kind of OCD about it and (not surprisingly) so is my mother (and hers). However, my dog is a complete jerk when I vacuum. It's the one thing she hates the most and so it has become the thing I hate the most. I have a dog and a cat and I really should vacuum far more often than I do, but I can't stand the incessant barking for 40 minutes straight, so I put it off until the sight of my rugs disgusts me.

Totally gross, but that's my quirk.

Also, I've been a (very quiet) follower for a while.

Jacqueline TresBella said...

I also had Laura Ashley in my room. I loved her clothes and perfumes,etc. When I clean, I must have a candle burning,upstairs and downstairs, and it depends on my mood or the season what scent I use. That way when I'm done, everything smells really nice and warm, and not just pine sol smelling. I also have to spray all of the families sheets after I wash them with a "sleep" scent, a lite sheet spray, yes they make those, even my 15 year old son likes "Black Camomile" on his pillow! As you notice I like everything to smell good!
New follower!

Angie Muresan said...

Well, I am a new follower too, via La Belette Rouge. I am the eldest of five and my mother was way OCD about a clean house. It was my duty to supervise the younger kids do their separate daily chores. The house had to be spotless before we left for school!

~K said...

I cannot stand a dirty toilet. I will scrub and scrub until it is clean. spray it with Bleach and then Enzymes. I always imagine CSI coming in and swabbing it!

Laura said...

Jules: we SO should have played together!

Themis0307: We could be cleaning sisters! Thanx for your comment.

Mich: Now that's an image. You're the best!

Laura said...

Debbie: They say admitting it is the first step? =)

Dream Sequins: When did we stop loving Laura Ashley? Maybe when we discovered boys?

Welcome, welcome ineffably. What a great entry. Thanx for your comment sweetie!

LiLu said...

Oh awesome, I am totally following!

My weird thing about cleaning is probably that I end up doing it naked a lot. I don't know why, I'll just be in the bathroom about to take a shower, and suddenly the dirty toilet is SO OFFENSIVE and I'm going to take a shower anyway so why not just get in there for a minute and give it a good scrubbin'??

Yeah. I'm weird.

Fifi Flowers said...

All I can say is I HATE TO CLEAN HOUSE!!! LOL!

Commchick said...

I actually wash dishes while I am making dinner or supper. When I'm finished with a pan, it goes in the soapy water, rinse, and dried and put away. Makes it much quicker to clean up after the meal, and I have time to visit with family and friends.

I'm a newbie follower, looking forward to getting to know you better.