Monday, August 3, 2009

Ten Question Interview: Tag your it!

Start thinking about your answers so you can play along in the 'tag your it' game…my thanx goes to That Girl from Forty Not Out for thinking of me. And my answers are...

(Barbie loves MAC picture)

1. Who Is The Hottest Movie Star?
Who do I love watching most on the movie screen? Which movie star man makes my heat a pitter-patter? I must admit twirling my hair around my index finger, whenever I see Jude Law or George Clooney. I just can’t seem to help it.

2. Apart From Your House And Your Car, What's The Most Expensive Item You've Ever Bought?
My MacBook is the most expensive and most worthwhile investment I’ve ever purchased. The next most expensive purchases have to be plane tickets, as I love to travel and find so much joy in discovering the world.

3. What's Your Most Treasured Memory?
One of my most treasured memories was with my Uncle who I lost last week to lung cancer. After I first moved to San Francisco and was feeling very homesick he flew from Toronto on “business” to San Francisco knocked on my front door, showed me the city and watched over me. I loved our talks and his real/blunt answers. I’ll miss you Uncle M.

4. What Was The Best Gift You Ever Received As A Child?
Hands down the best gift I ever received has to be my naked Barbie. Please let me explain. One year for Hanukah, my parents gave me a naked Barbie. I was so confused. In true sarcastic English humor, my naked Barbie was followed with clothes the next night and then the Barbie car and eventually I was given the Barbie dream house. What was your gift?

5. What's The Biggest Mistake You've Made?
I believe that, as long as I’ve learned from my decisions then there are no mistakes. Don't you agree?

6. Four Words To Describe Yourself
Loving, Sarcastic, Creative and Open.

7. What Was Your Highlight Or Lowlight Of 2008?
My highlight of 2008 had to be visiting Brazil. I wanted to move there for the culture, warmth of the people, incredible food and color. Since the Brazilian visa is valid for 5 years, I have four more to go back. Cross your fingers for me.

8. Favorite Film?
I love movies so this is a hard question for me to answer. Can I cop out and say Netflix is my favorite? No, OK. Then my favorite romantic movie has to be Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. The music is so beautifully haunting. If you haven’t seen it then it’s a must see, but be sure to grab some tissues.

9. Tell Me One Thing I Don't Know About You
The naked Barbie isn’t enough for you? Well, people ask me all the time if I’m wearing contacts because of my blue eyes. But what I love is when someone asks me if I’m wearing contacts when I’m already wearing my glasses. So I apologize to those who I've said yes to. I just couldn’t help it!

10. If You Were A Comic Book/Strip Or Cartoon Character, Who Would You Be?
I really, REALLY do believe that I’m Wonder Woman. Wait I’m not? Then how would you explain my invisible jet?

Thank you so much That Girl for tagging me. Now it’s your turn to answer these questions. Just link back your answers to Under the Sheets-shhh. Tag your it!


Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

haha naked barbie... lol that's funny. All my barbies would end up headless due to my little brother!

JMW said...

Your naked barbie comment made me laugh. For some reason, my four-year-old daughter always removes her dolls' clothes, including Barbie. The other day, we were driving to the pool and I look out the rear mirror to see a naked Barbie hanging out the window, as my daughter giggles away. I'm sure it made for quite a sight to passers-by.

Char said...

I remember the year my dad stayed up all night to finish putting together my barbie dream house and the other year where my mom worked non-stop on barbie clothes. she was rockin'

JennyMac said...

My little brother just bought the MacBook so I am glad you love it. And invisible jet? Where might I get one too? LOL

Namine said...

jealous you got the barbie dream house!!
I did this too but I have no idea on my superhero!

Miss Anne said...

i love learning about you.
p.s. naked barbie was ingenious of your parents!

Carlotta said...

the naked barbie it's amazing!!! love to read your answers :))

That Girl said...

Fantastic - loved your answers!! Especially the Barbie idea from your parents. I might have to try that one out on Small Child one day! And yes... I remember Somewhere In Time! I think I saw it when I was very young and remember being swept away by it. Now I'll have to seek it out again! Thanks for playing - now please can I borrow your jet? xoxo That Girl