Friday, May 15, 2009

who says i don't work

Today's guest blogger is Blondielox and she was the second winner of the Under the Sheets-Shhh guest blogger giveaway. I love how creative she was about writing a post about a fictitious gal living in San Francisco. Ok Blondielox it away......
tell you about my day, huh?

well... i went to the library to return the books i checked out:
loving your small space
paris - the photographic journal
reorganizing your small-as-a-button closet on a shoestring-budget
strength training yoga
what does the term interracial dating truly mean?
(book titles i made up - except the last one; you made that up Laura!)
i had to wash all my delicates for spring/summer {you know, the pieces that sit around, just to appear fabulously once a year; usually in july}. nothing worse than having that perfect moment... ready.. go on, put it on!.. it's just right!! & it has a weird crease, ripple, or wave! nope not gonna happen here. 'cause i'm taking charge of my life. i know what's gonna come up (for the most part), i know what to expect. i just never have time to: prepare for it, re-file that, buy that weird tool for this or the strange sealant for that. but, now i do! do i now? hells ya'! i'm gonna work my butt off! for guess who.. me! that's right, me! hardest job i ever had & lovin' every minute of it! yeah, life's hard, even sucks sometimes... hey, i'm not goin' all vonnegut or anything.. i'm just saying this is a moment. i needed a job. i gave myself one. myself. my mess. my love. my vision. my life. so, junk drawer.. kiss your foreign friends good-bye! because i got a new plan for you! & it ain't for socks!
i decided to waltz on over to the banana boogie board bar to get an orange soda, & this is the first thing i saw! i thought, what the heck are they doing here, in their cute little outfits & healthy looking skin & attitude on a tuesday morning?! then, i zipped that attitude right on up and smiled to myself while thinking, they must be self-employed! *thumbs up*
then, this is the second thing i saw.... & thought, okay i do realize that i am not going to be able to market myself to pay myself to keep organizing & re-organizing my house/life. but i do have time to finish what i've started. & by the time it's time... i'll be so ready it's gonna knock their socks off. (& we'll know where to find 'em!)
i reflected on it all while having my hair done. the bridge, the city, international orange. yeah. that's my favorite color. in my favorite city. in love. working hard. for myself. to make our future more sparkly. here, internationally.
um.. how much are you supposed to tip the ocean breeze again? 

Thank you so much BlondieLox for your guest post and I think your designs are amazing. You are such a talent. Thanx for entering the contest and playing along. And if you are interested in guest blogging at Under the Sheets-Shhh email me your post ideas about travel or relationships.


BlondieLox said...

awesome!! my internet connection is a little in-&-out here... i'm going to post a link now!... hopefully.

Dollface said...

Hmmm the missing sock? ooo I love that you did yoga today, its soo relaxing! Reminds me also to do my laundry, ahh... love this .. p.s. stop by my blog and ask away!! xxoo

Char said...

very cute write! :)

Laura said...

Blondielox: You did such a great write and thanx again!

Dollface: I'll be right over...hmmm what to ask you?

So cute Char....have a good weekend

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous feature! Yay for guest blogging!


Bon Don said...

awwe great post!

Laura said...

Ah Bon Don awesome huh!