Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Love Story: My Helicopter Ride from Hell

There are certain things, that you are never supposed to do at the beginning of a relationship. Try to never have a bad day, never talk about your ex-relationships and never fall asleep on a romantic helicopter ride that was arranged for you on the Island of Kauai. Do you agree with these tips? Well, at least I accomplished two out of three!

OK, so in my defense of this faux pas, I have to tell you that I am a horrible flyer. Not great on planes, trains or automobiles. Well, you get the picture. Maybe it’s because of my nerves that I find myself not able to relax on transportation, my fear of dying young or there's been moments that I've not be able to hold down my lunch.

So if you remember from the last 'our relationship' post, Honey and I had been on the island of Kauai for a couple of days and we were leaving for Oahu soon. Honey arranged for us a helicopter ride around the Island. I was so excited and nervous and needed to be honest with him.

Me smiling, "Honey thank you for arranging this and surprising me, but you know that I am not great on small planes, specifically the landings? Well, I am honestly scared of going on this helicopter ride."

Honey replied, "Everything will be OK. I’ll take care of you and we’ll get you some Dramamine."

Yes, he said the right words, but I still felt like I was going up in a death trap.

Oh sure, this wasn't my idea of being romantic. While wearing my bikini, sarong and flower in my hair, we run over to the ABC store to buy some anti-nausea medication. As I bought the Dramamine to calm my air sickness, I made sure the label said Non-Drowsy. (I had learned this lesson from my father. Once he took some cold medicine that he thought was Dayquil, which later turned out to be NyQuil.)

I must also confess to you, that I am also not great with taking new medications. I guess I am sensitive in my emotions as well as in my stomach.

Helicopter Ride from Hell Scene:

We drive to the helicopter school to take our hour lesson where we weigh in, ask questions and get fitted with our parachute vests. Around this time, I start to feel queasy and scared. So I take my trusty Dramamine and hope for the best.

Honey is thrilled to go up in the helicopter, excited and has the camera charged. The weather is a perfect tropical 88 degrees and my sundress is swaying under my parachute vest. "I can do this," I told myself over and over. And then I took a deep breath, as it was our turn.

We walked over to the helicopter and met our pilot ‘John’. He gave us headphones that played soothing Hawaiian music during our flight. Maybe the soothing music worked a little too well for me, as half and hour later I found myself feeling very sleepy.

As the helicopter rose, I squeezed Honey’s hand and felt unstable, excited and tired. We flew over Kauai and saw the breathtaking beauty of waterfalls, green mountains, birds and flowers. But, all I could think about was closing my heavy eyes and taking a little nap. The bumps of the helicopter were acting like a bassinet rocking me to sleep.

So I tried with all my might to stay awake, but the Hawaiian ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ song was playing on my headphones. And then as I pretended to stare out at the gorgeous scenery, I closed my eyes and my Dramamine nap took over.

Honey had to elbow me several times to help me to stay awake. And I finally confessed and told him I wasn’t feeling well.

Thank you Dramamine!

About twenty minutes later, our helicopter landed safely on the ground. Honey went to take a picture with our pilot. I, on the other hand, went to kiss the ground we were back on. And no I didn't take a picture with the pilot, I probably would have fallen asleep on him.

Chalk it up to a learning experience, but we still laugh about my nap in the helicopter ride. And I swear it said Non-Drowsy. What are some of your fears? Some hate spiders and some hate flying. Just to be clear, I don't hate flying...I am just scared of falling out of the sky!


Char said...

oh no!!!! I would be scared but would totally want to do that for all that gorgie view.

Soni said...

beautiful view.... i wud luv to on one. On the other hand I'm scared of dog n crossing roads :(

Laura said...

Char: I know it was crazy, but I am so glad I went through the experience. And it was such a great story.

Soni: A dog crossing in the road...did something happen to you that you must share with me? :)

vanitysfair said...

My husband just happens to fly helicopters for the Navy and I'm still waiting for my ride!

I'll tell you what I'm deathly afraid of. Cockroaches. Any kind of insect that remotely looks like a cockroach? I. Can. Not. Do.

I'm actually giving myself the willies just thinking about it now.

Jealous of your trip! Looks like a fabulous time.

Laura said...

vanitsfair: I think you are way overdue for a helicopter ride. It was amazing and scary. So glad I could tell you about it. Thanx for your comment :)

Taryn said...

This. Is. HILARIOUS! Of all the times for this to happen, right? LOL!
Although it's nothing like the beautiful scenery of the islands of Hawaii, but I had the same thing happen to me before. I always wanted to go to a Broadway play in NYC. I get my chance and we are on our way to "The Scarlet Pimpernel". OMG! I am so excited, but after a LONG day of site-seeing, I think it got the best of me. No kidding, 5 minutes into the show, I am out like a light. Everyone said they tried waking me, but I wasn't having it. Show is over, and I wake up...with DROOL flowing down my face! Lovely.
NO Dramamine was involved in my experience, so at least you have a good excuse. I was just lazy. ;)

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment! You have an adorable blog, and I am sure I will be back!


Desert Rat said...

That was a very cute story! I have to read the others.

I am afraid of all bugs, such as last night I needed to go to sleep and wake up early I did not sleep until well after 230 because around 11 I noticed a gecko right above my bed, first I tried to scare it but no luck so I kept covering myself and then peeking to see if it left.

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

Oh Taryn: Great story and so funny. Plus I totally understand the sleepiness. Of course it happens when there's something that we really want to do. Love your blog and come by anytime!

Laura said...

Desert Rat: Just like I use to check under my bed for ghosts before I turned out the lights. I promise there won't be any bed bugs tonight for ya !!

kathleen said...

I swear, I took two Drammamines recentlyon accident. (Long story! I thought it was another medication I take everyday.) I didn't realize it until about an hour later when I was at the airport (I'm lucky I took it before flying instead of driving) and I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP STANDING! I couldn't figure out what the hell was happening. All of a sudden, while going through security, I went, "OHHH!" I figured it out, but had to ask the man seated next to me to wake me if I fell into the aisle. That stuff is soo strong!