Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer interview with my lil sis

Hope you are having a great summer. Well I just come back from a week with my family in L.A. and watched my little brother and sister spend their last days of summer. I love sitting down and documenting D who is a talkative, fashionable, funny, sarcastic little diva and the baby of our family. Can you imagine what it would be like going into 8th grade with an older sister twenty years older then you? (Check out these other interviews I did with D a last year)

So take it away D tell us all about your summer thoughts...

What have you done this summer D?
Hanging out with friends, went on vacation a little bit, went shopping twice a week, water parks, sleepovers, cheer, went to the beach with friends, amusement parks and swimming.

Are you excited for the summer to end?
No, because school is boring and I can't talk during class, but yes because I want to see all of my friends.

Would you have rather gone to camp?
No, I have a strong passionate dislike for camp because they tell you what to do and I'm not with my friends. Since I'm older, this summer I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted like walk to lunch or take the bus to the beach.

*Photo taken by Julie Michelle.

How did you occupy your time and manage your money?
I occupied my time by hanging out with friends every week so every day I hung out with a different friend. I also got $25 a week to spend.

So D did your understanding of money change?
Sometimes I had a lot of the $25 left over and sometimes I spent it all. Getting the allowance taught me how to not to spend it all in one day and if I had more one week then I could use it the next week.

Are you looking forward to the 8th grade? What do you think it will be like?
I'm so excited for 8th grade and I think it's going to be the best year of middle school because it's the last year. We will be in charge of the school, but it won't be too fun because they banned cell phones from school 'cause so many kids were texting in class.

What was it like coming to San Francisco and being a bridesmaid at your sister's wedding?
It was fun and the Hindu ceremony was very long. We got to walk around, talk and not have to sit the entire time. I liked my outfits. It was an honor to be there for you Lala as a bridesmaid.
Thank you so much little sis D. We all loved reading about your summer fun and I can't wait to hear about 8th grade. How will you survive without your cell phone? Tell me sweetie doesn't this interview remind you of your grade school summer fun?


Dollface said...

she is sooo adorable!!! i love how the perspective of younger kids are so untouched you know!!! xxxoo

Laura said...

Dollface: She certainly is and keeps us on our toes....