Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going back to school retro style

Parents it's almost time for your vacation because the kids are going back to school. Yeah...oh sorry kiddies! I keep hearing from parents that the summers seem to be getting longer, but not from my best friend R the teacher. Well I wish everyone a great back to school year and may you go back with a little retro style...
In school crayons were my favorite so I could color outside of the box. I can still remember the day when I discovered the Glitter and Metallic crayons (seen here on Amazon). My world was rocked and my cheerleader signs got bigger and more colorful. Read about my cheerleader days in this moving from Canada to America post.

Choosing the first day of school outfit was such an ordeal. I sat on the phone with both my girl and guy friends to determine the right look. Some things never change huh? I still feel like this when I start a new job.

For a back to school retro look, every child needs a pair of high socks with a lunchbox. Pair the socks with a Catholic Girl skirt and you'll be the talk of the school. Unless you actually go to Catholic School!
Lunch is another difficult thing to control on your first day. Parents can pack the lunch and add some fun colorful paper cups to hold the food. Let's leave the toothpicks out...ok?

Back to school fashion is fun for girls. A dress with matching tights and clunky dark boots makes for an adorable outfit.

Paper Mate pens are a colorful way of going retro in school.

Oh how I miss having this school desk with my friends around me. Maybe I should get one of these desks for home. Would I even fit anymore?

Is it creepy or cute for an adult to carry a lunchbox sweetie?

To all the kiddies and parents out there, happy almost back to school week. You've all hung in there so well. No go out there and buy some back to school retro fashions that would make me proud! I know you can do it. What was the item you just had to have for school when you were a child lovely?

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Absolutely Ladylike said...

Great retro school selection dear Laura...have a lovely weekend, cheers: Evi