Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Never too old for a sleepover

When I was a child, I used to love sleepovers… didn’t you? I seemed to enjoy them more then my friends because of my difficult childhood. It was wonderful to walk into someone else’s family for a night and relax. This got me thinking, about a funny childhood memory I have from when I was ten and slept over at 'Michelle’s' house.

Michelle and I met in the second grade and became fast friends. I loved her red hair, freckles and she danced in the same ballet class as me. We had a lot in common.

Then the invitation came that I had been waiting for all summer; she wanted me to sleepover at her house. I was nervous to ask my mother, as her moods would change due to her manic depression. The stars must have been aligned for me that day because she agreed that a sleepover was a good idea.

The details of that long ago sleepover are now fuzzy, but what does stand out was Michelle's waterbed. Have you ever slept on a waterbed? Those beds can make you feel like you're on a cruise ship every time you lay down.

No wonder I wanted to sleepover at her house so badly.

That was my first time sleeping in a waterbed and I remember lying down in her comforter and feeling relaxed. The gentle movement of the waves rocked me to sleep. I enjoyed it so much that I started to wonder how was I going to convince my parents that I too needed a waterbed.

Until…I woke up in the middle of night and I felt wet. I quickly woke up Michelle to see if she felt wet too and she did. We jumped out of the bed to find that her cat had jumped on the bed while we were sleeping and had pinched a tiny hole. Our bed/cruise ship was sinking.

We woke up Michelle’s parents with our screaming and her Dad patched up the hole. The next morning Michelle and her parents apologized to me profusely. I didn’t mind and actually enjoyed the experience, but decided to not ask my parents to add any water to my existing Laura Ashley bed. On the brighter side, I was totally prepared for the family cruise that we went on later that year. Thank you Michelle! Share with me one of your sleepover memories... go on it wasn't that long ago!


DesBisoux said...

i've never slept on a water bed. do you get sea sickness? cuz i do on boat...so would it be safe?

~Kenny said...

well the one thing I remember about the waterbed I used to have was that it was alwys so warm with the warmer underneath it. However if the power went out it was unbearable. Plus they are a pain in the arse if you have to move.

Joanie M said...

This might take a while. hahahaha
I think I might make this a Totally Awkward Tuesday post because it's going to be long. It involves me, my former sister-in-law, her twins and my kids. It also involves drinking, hacking into HER husband's AOL account and discovering the online affair he was having with a redhead named Dee! And as soon as I get home from work this afternoon, I'll type it up!

Laura said...

DesBisoux: Great question and at first its a little unsettling and then the waves rock you to sleep.

Laura said...

~Kenny: I'm sure. I can't imagine moving a waterbed. Thanx for your comment K!

Laura said...

Joanie M: I love that you feel inspired and I can't wait to read your post. What a great story!

Joanie M said...

OK, Laura! my post is up! here's the link!


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Joanie M said...

Laura, if you want to read that sleepover story, I cans end it. I took it down. didn't want my former niece and nephew to find out from me what a dirtbag their father is.