Monday, November 23, 2009

Boutique Thanksgiving dreams

This Thanksgiving we're off to see my family in L.A. This is one of my favorite times of the year. We get to step out of our lives, rest and be with the ones we love. I love to take the boutique design style of San Francisco and mix it with a little Southern California. (Click here to read about the top ten reasons you know you've been in L.A. for too long...)

There's something about white lights that make me smile. This one shoulder dress with colored bow shows off her classy and funky style.

Très funky and creative use of autumn colors. What a simple design, but lovely presentation. (Here's some great creative ideas table ideas from Blissfully Domestic.)

And in my boutique Thanksgiving dreams, I would love to write in an office like this. So creative, clean and bright. This room would be a wonderful escape if needed from some family.

When I travel, I wish I could bring a rack of clothes (collapsible clothing rack) to make my clothes choices perfect. Oh sure it's not a fashion show!

And to end my boutique Thanksgiving dreams, I must end with one of my favorite desserts. Check back in on Thanksgiving day for my easy to make lemon meringue pie recipe. What boutique dreams do you have?


Dream Sequins said...

I'm looking forward to spending time with my husband's family in Boston. My own family is in LA and every year, we take turns between chilly Boston and sunny LA for the holidays. This year-- it's Christmas in LA! Have a wonderful time in LA.

Namine said...

Lemon meringue soo yummy!! I love the office though the windows aren't big enough. The colours are fabulous!!

Laura said...

Dream Sequins: You too and happy holidays!

Laura said...

Namine: Thanx honey I love them as well. Thanx for your comment!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I guess I've been here too long! I loved your list and I can especially relate to the flip flop one! lol

Love all your inspiration and your lemon meringue pie looks divine...looking forward to getting my hands on the recipe!

Have a wonderful week!

Love and hugs,

Maven said...

I love visiting your blog. Love the aesthetics, the pictures, and the sense of style.

life insurance Canada said...

Yes, I absolutely agree with you that we have to step out of our lives, rest and be with the ones we love. I'm just little bit sad that the Canadian Thanksgiving was few weeks ago. I'm thinking about the idea that it would be great to have Thanksgiving twice a year or it would be enough to have it in the same day. Anyway, I wish you all Happy Thanksgiving.

Take care,