Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Ode to my Lululemon Pants: How much do I love thee Lululemon Reversible Groove pants?

How much do I love thee Lululemon reversible groove pants? Let me count the ways.

1) I love how you are always waiting for me at home, ready to stretch with me and make me feel chic and comfortable.

2) I love that no matter what I do while wearing you, you bounce back and seem to ask me for more. I have worn you on planes, on a 13 mile walk for the AFSP , dressed up for work, to yoga, on the weekends while doing laundry, walking on the Ipanema beach in Brazil, Queen Street in Toronto and Union Street in San Francisco. (Boy do I shop around.)

3) You never seem to fade, lose shape or complain that I am wearing you too much.

4) I can throw you into my suitcase and you never get wrinkled.

5) You always seem to fit no matter how my body is feeling.

6) I am almost at the point where I love you more then my jeans.

7) The store offers free hemming so you always fit me just right.

8) You have matching tanks.

9) You seem to help me in my yoga practice. Breath in and fall into downward dog position and smile as my pants come with me and keep the sweat away from my body.

10) You make me popular with the cool kids. (Well I can hope can't I?)

So I love you in so ways. A pair of Lululemon pants will cost you around $80 but they are totally worth the money. If you treat them right then your pants can last years and years. Plus Lululemon has sales all the time. This brand is so popular in Toronto that everyone wears the clothing line during the weekend. Go and try a pair out and let me know what you think!

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Great to stop by and see mention of Canada by way of Toronto. Looking forward to reading more!