Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Love Story: Leaving on a Jet Plane

I booked my ticket home to San Francisco and I told my family I was leaving. It was hard for everyone. I had leaned on them for 5 months because of my two knee surgeries. Honey and I decided that he would pick me up from the SF airport.

Before I left L.A. I started to realize that we were in a relationship, and not just a friendship. Because of my injury and surgeries, I had to go to Physical Therapy about 4 times a week and continue to do exercises at home. I got to know my physical therapist and the other patients as we all supported each other. There was a man at PT 37, a retired Marine - who was in rehab for a shoulder surgery. We talked each time we were at an appointment together. One day he asked me out to coffee after our appointment and offered to drive me home.

I said yes to coffee and felt guilty the entire time. The truth of the matter is, I talked about my future Honey to the ex-Marine the entire time and about my decision to move back to San Francisco. I had a huge crush on my Honey. The ex-Marine asked me out again or if he could come and visit me in San Francisco.

I told him "Thank you, but no because I was involved with my future Honey". Retired marine man drove me home and that was the last time we saw each other.

At the airport....

Physically, I was very scared to travel by myself. I was weak and could only take a couple of steps on my own without crutches. I was humbled sitting in a wheelchair through airport security.

I kept thinking to myself that my future Honey would be at the San Francisco airport waiting for me. I just knew it would be OK.

I can do this!

Then my mind started to wander to what it would be like to see him. We had been through so much together over the last year and he had given me so much support.

I finally knew how I felt about him, but I had never fallen in love with a friend before. During the plane ride, I felt shy. Maybe he had changed his mind and didn't love me anymore as it had taken me so long to realize how I felt.

Should I kiss him or not kiss him when I saw him at the gate?

I told everyone who would listen to me on the plane that I was going home after 5 months of being away to tell my best guy friend that I was in love with him. (I am sure it was like Rachel on Friends when she was on the plane flying to London to stop Ross’ wedding)

Finally the plane landed. I could see the stewardess get the wheelchair ready for me. This was it...the moment that I had been waiting for had arrived.

I was wheeled off the plane. I was so excited to see him and my heart was beating so fast. Then I saw him standing at the bottom of the escalator. He had brought me a surprise. My girlfriend “Chloe” was with him. How could I kiss him now?


La Belette Rouge said...

Oh,honey, I am so sorry. You are great at telling a story. I am on the edge of my seat for the next part. I hope that marine makes it into the next part of the story.

Cuckoo said...

Haven't you written this piece earlier on Nov 12th with very little change (in ex-marine's description)?

Laura said...

Hi cuckoo. Thank you so much for following and for your question. This chapter was in more detail about my trip home, PT, ex-marine, and then flying back. My last chapter was on getting the approval from my family and deciding to move back to SF. Stay tune for the next chapter....

Lauren said...

Hurry with the next chapter...I am dying here:)!!

~alison said...

Love this story! Thanks for sharing. I just found your blog, love it! I will return...because I can't wait to read the next chapter

Georgie B said...

I agree with everyone else.

Excellent story.

I really was disappointed when this particular chapter briefly vanished, but I can see it was well worth the wait.

Braja said...

Oh come on!!

pj said...

did you ever go into the knee surgery? i have had both acls repaired (replaced), and one mcl as well. My surgeries were 4 years apart though.

Laura said...

Hi pj,

Sorry to hear about your surgeries. I ended up having three surgeries. The first was to relocate my kneecap and entire leg, 3 months later surgery to break up scar tissue and then a year after that to remove the screws they had left in my leg. I know your pain! Talk soon and I feel much better do you? :)

pj said...

Well, depends on the pesky weather. I do a race here in Philly each year called the Broad Street run. It is a 10 mile race (well, jog). I usually can get a few months of regular jogging in each year with a little help from Hyalgon shots and my orthopedist. I don't think i will ever pick up a basketball again, but i don't think i was going pro anyway.

Fifi Flowers said...

Can wait to read the next chapter... FUN.
THe puppy in your last post is ADORABLE... what a face... it would make a great painting!