Friday, November 14, 2008

My Advice to You: from Me Dr. Laura

A wise person once said "Look at the glass half full." I totally agree with this and have lived my life by this motto. Here is some advice that I have learned and would like to share with you.

My Advice to You Is......

1) Always look at the glass as half full.
2) Pay yourself first!
3) Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. (This is before you have kids.)
4) Keep an umbrella at your home, in your purse and at work in case of a freak rainstorm that the weatherman forgot to tell you about.
5) Go and see some live music often, close your eyes and feel your spirit.
6) Cook more at home and go out less in the week. This helps you eat better and save more.
7) Prenatal vitamins help you feel healthier and grow your nails and hair faster.
8) Try to travel to a new city or country every year. Have you ever been to Brazil?
9) Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
10) Call your family and friends almost every day.
11) Say what's on your mind daily and do not back pedal.
12) Smile at least ten times a day. (Sometimes my face hurts at night from all of my smiling.)
13) When you feel yourself getting into a heated argument count to ten in your head and then respond. (If you don't care about the other person respond right away without counting.)
14) Airborne cures my cold and lessens my symptoms.
15) Did you know that all of Canada is having a sale? 20% off of everything...oh wait just their dollar is down.
16) Wash your face twice in the evening. (The first wash is to get your makeup off and then the second wash is to get off the the leftover stuff.)
17) To let a child know that they can trust you: smile, look them in the eye, do not talk down to them and if possible get down to their level. Now that I think about it, this works with adults as well.
18) "Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one's watching."
19) Try to have at least two months of your salary saved up at all times.
20) Everything does happen for a reason!

I love the #18 phrase " Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one's watching." To me this means let go and enjoy life. To try and appreciate every day and not sweat the small stuff. We all need the money, have been hurt by love before and when we dance tend to be afraid that someone won't like how we are moving.
What do you think would happen if we all followed this sentiment every single day?

Let me know if you agree with Dr. Laura's advice and send me the advice that you have learned. Which of the numbers do you agree most with? Which do you disagree with?


La Belette Rouge said...

There are a lot of these I am not doing. A lot. I do#9,10,11,12, and 18. Yikes.

I am not, by nature, a half glass full gal. But, many of the other things I think I can work on. Except Airborne. I took Airborne one time and a few hours later I got the worst bladder infection of my life. I have forever linked the two and will never take it again.

My advice: 1. sunscreen every day on hands, neck and face.
2.Find 5 things a day to be grateful for.
3. Marry well.

I have more, but those are the biggies for me.;-)

Fancy Schmancy said...

I like all of those. I don't follow all of those, but I like them!

pj said...

Don't let your past control your future. Start each day with a clean slate.

Laura said...

It's hard to follow all of them but I try to keep them in mind every day. pj I love thinking about each day as a clean slate....marry well is great advice as well. Thanx for visiting and for all of your support.

LYDIA said...

I love all the advise - the only thing I would like to add is to keep a few candles/cute hand soap/etc. on hand just in case you need to give a hostess gift or forget someones birthday :)