Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear noisy apartment neighbor

Why do I always feel better after I sit down and write to you my lovely readers? Well I've decided to use this post as therapy. You see, I wish I could tell my upstairs neighbor to think of others so instead I've written him a letter. And if your following my blog noisy neighbor, I hope you see this as a bit of fun.
Dear Noisy Neighbor,

You live directly above us, we've bumped into each other only a couple of times and yet I seem to know you more intimately then my friends. Let me start off by saying its not you, but blame the San Francisco paper thin walls. With that said I must tell you that I had no idea someone loves to watch The Office as much as you do. Is there a 12-step program for watching too many episodes? I can hear the beginning Office theme music, but its several nights a week over and over and over.

So you play your music too loud and forget that people live underneath you, but I think I have to draw the line when there are barks coming from your apartment D. Yes barks, ball throws and paw nails on the wood floors. It's great to know were allowed to have dogs in a 6 unit apartment.

Now I just found out that I'm not the only one feeling like this about you Apartment D because Honey called the landlord yesterday. Our garbage disposal wasn't working and a light bulb went out on a high ceiling. My landlord 'Annie' is so sweet and Honey called her to make the handyman arrangements.

The first sign came when Annie’s usual reaction about the light bulb was different. She asked that we pick up our own light bulbs and was a little snappy about it.

Honey said, "Of course no problem. "
Annie said, "OK, I’ll send the handyman over to Apartment D. "
"No, Annie this is Honey from Apartment B as in boy not D (the guy upstairs)."
Annie’s tone changed right away.
"Oh your Laura’s Honey don’t worry about the light bulb and we’ll take care of it right away."

So I guess I’m not the only one who feels this way? My only question to you Apartment D guy is what do you hear from my apartment. Do you hear the theme song to General Hospital, talk on my phone too loud or my alarm go off in the morning? Well, I for sure know one thing, Annie seems happier to hear from us. xoxo Tell me lovely, what would you write to your noisy neighbor?


Party Box Design said...

oh my gosh, I bet you cant wait until he moves! that would DRIVE ME CRAZY!

I would sooo say somthing!

Allyson said...

I have had SOOOO many of these. And then there are the curry neighbors. No amount of air freshener can get THAT smell out. I would have to say that the one ultimate reason we did not buy a condo unit downtown (even though they were very swanky lofts and it's within walking distance to everything) is because I can't STAND to hear (or smell) my neighbors. A free-standing house with at least 20 feet on either side is the best thing we ever did. But please think about me in the dead of KY July heat as I'm mowing my yard and weed-eating for 3 hours straight. That's about the time I wished for a condo. I really hope noisy reader stumbles upon your blog. NO ONE should have to listen to 5 straight hours of "The Office"...and Jim is my on-screen boyfriend.

pen.ny said...

oh man i can't tell you how much my neighbor above me used to make my blood boil. it was like at 2 am they decided to build a bed or something so much thumping that was not normal. everynight.. every single freaking night. see? see that? i get raging just thinking about it!

god bless apartment B as in boy, not D as in douche.

have a great weekend!!

Laura said...

Party Box Design: I know and I think the little puppy will have to be told on. Sorry little guy :)

Laura said...

Allyson: This is such a great comment and so glad I could inspire you to let it all out. I can't believe you've had to let your condo go because of neighbors. It makes for a great story.

Laura said...

pen.ny : That's right ...god bless apartment B as in boy, not D as in douche. I love this and will use it xoxo

Brandi said...

I still hear strange sounds every now and then from the apartments that neighbor mine. But when I was in NYC...oh my, some of my neighbors drove me crazy.

Have an awesome weekend. I hope Apartment D's television breaks for your sake.

Laura said...

Brandi: Thanx honey and I always love your comments!

Lauren said...

There are just noisy people all around my apartment complex because I live in college apartments. They stink sometimes, because the night owls think that everyone wants to hear their laughter and music at butt o' clock in the morning. Not so much...

Snappy Di said...

Umm, I would ask our neighbor to please stop revving the engine on that motorcycle he is fixing. Especially during the evening TV prime viewing hours. ugh.

The Blue Ridge Gal

throwing out the carnage said...

I used to live in an apartment complex and let's say that we're a really quiet family who sleeps early. The downstairs apartment said we were loud, thumping the floors and what-have-she. They would ring our doorbell from the lobby every night at 3am to tell us they hear us. Of course, we were already asleep so my dad wakes up and rings theirs at 4am. The battle went on for months until one day, they called the cops on us and we were home watching the news - on the couch in dim lighting. Our stupid neighbors must have been on 'shrooms.

Pink Peony said...

To the neighbor's on the right side of me I would ask that they pick up their dog poop, take out the trash (not just fill mine after there is no room left in theirs), and finally give up their hope of playing in a want-a-be heavy metal band. It sounds like they are killing cats over there when they practice. Then finally to the ones on the left...your dogs drive me crazy with their barking but, you make up for it by walking them with no shirt on. Great 6 pack,thanks man!